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[WIP] Tiny Pixl for KAG Beta

Discussion in 'Texture Packs' started by link6155, Sep 13, 2013.

  1. link6155

    link6155 Bison Rider Staff Alumni Tester
    1. SharSharShar - [SHARK]

    A Texture pack by link6155 and Oryk, original by tandeelaptop and Leostereo

    Tiny Pixel for KAG beta is the ported version of Tiny Pixels for Minecraft. This texturepack is designed to make KAG more vibrant, simple, retro, and relaxing. This texture pack redesigns the world, classes, tents, bombs, and much more. This is the continuation of Tiny Pixl for KAG classic and is currently a work in progress.
    Media (Updated 9/12/2013)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The reason why it took so long to show progress of this texture pack being ported to beta is due to the amounts of update the beta went through. We felt it was best to hold off our work until the beta was public so that we have a more stable platform to work on ;)

    There is no current release date, but we hope to finish it within a month or so.

  2. FlamingDragon96

    FlamingDragon96 Shark Slayer

    I thought we were suppose to use the resources tab from now on. Nice to know you were able to start yours, hopefully they don't start changing many of the sprites in the game so you can keep these.
  3. link6155

    link6155 Bison Rider Staff Alumni Tester
    1. SharSharShar - [SHARK]

    Right... completely forgot about that ::P:
  4. Digger101

    Digger101 Shark Slayer

    This looks great I hope it gets much hype like the classic version, great work! :thumbs_up:

    Last edited: Sep 14, 2013
  5. Jlordo

    Jlordo Nobody Donator

    You DO realize that is a middle finger?
    You probably wanted this: :thumbs_up:

    Anyway, great job on porting it so far!
    Andrew1163 and Guitarman like this.
  6. FrankFrank92345

    FrankFrank92345 Shark Slayer

    Still waiting for a release!