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[WiP]TV Show Characters Head Textures

Discussion in 'Texture Packs' started by VaderCraftGamer, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. VaderCraftGamer

    VaderCraftGamer Ballista Bolt Thrower

    Users Allowed to use specific heads from this pack:
    Charlie - Rick Sanchez
    (Not sure what the full username is, please comment and I'll edit it to say your full in-game username.

    The head preview below this thread is not updated, click the link to go to the download page in the Resources section of the forum, where you can find an updated preview.
    Link to Download(Resources Section of the forum):
    Hey, you! Yes, you! Are you bored out of your mind because you watched one of your favourite tv show's season finale and want more of it?

    Well, I've got something for you, and you might like it if you're into animated tv shows (Half of the heads will probably be based off Cartoon Network shows).

    I have made a pack that will contain heads from various shows scattered across something called 'Television.' This pack contains a bunch of heads from a few shows that are possible to make pixelated (animated shows, not shows with actual people, sorry Stranger Things fans out there, I feel your pain).

    Also I didn't realise that someone (IrriNinja) had already started on a Rick and Morty head pack and I will be having quite a few Rick and Morty heads so I am sorry for you out there but I will try to focus not solely on Rick and Morty.

    -There is a preview for the Heads.png folder where the link leads to, the preview at the bottom of the page isn't updated-

    How to download (when you click the link):
    Note: For some people, it's Program Files, not Program Files (x86), but mostly it's Program Files (x86)

    1. Click Download
    2. Go to Downloads on your PC
    3. Find the file named Base_TV_Heads.zip
    4. Go into it and keep on entering the files until you find Heads.png, then copy Heads.png
    5. Open another folder and go to This PC> Local Disk(C:)> Program Files (x86)> Steam> steamapps> common> King Arthur's Gold> Base> Entities> Characters> Sprites
    6. Copy your Heads.png folder you downloaded from this thread into the Sprites folder. It should replace the previous head files of KAG (keep in mind this will overwrite any changes you have made yourself to the heads file and replace them with the heads I created).
    7. Load your game and check if it works! If it doesn't repeat the process again starting from step 1. (or comment down below to report the problem that is happening.)


    Characters/Shows with question marks and in Italic
    ?Example Character/Show?)means I am not sure I am gonna add them, unless anyone wants them and they comment it.

    Suggest characters/shows in the comments!

    Standard Class Characters:

    Knight: Male - Jakesuit (Adventure Time) Female - Stevonnie (Steven Universe)
    Archer: Male - Shape Shifter Jake (Adventure Time) Female - Opal (Steven Universe)
    Builder: Male - Magic Man (Adventure Time) Female - Magic Betty (Adventure Time)

    List of characters so far:

    of which are Rick and Morty: Rick, Morty, Evil Morty, Beth, Summer, C-137 Summer, Jerry, Jessica, Doofus Rick, Tricia Lange (Kinky Girl), Brad (Jessica's Boyfriend), Ethan (Summer's Ex), Bird Person, Tammy, Arthricia (Purge Planet Girl), Annie (Girl from the theme park inside the body)

    still to be added from Rick and Morty:
    -To Be Determined-

    of which are Adventure Time:
    Finn, Jake, Fionna, Cake, Fern (Grass Finn), Huntress Wizard,
    Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, Prince Gumball, Marshall Lee, Billy, Canyon, Martin Mertens (Finn's Dad), Minerva Campbell (Finn's Mum), Ice King, Ice Queen, Flame Princess, Flame Prince, Uncle Gumbald, Susan Strong, Finn (No Hat), Fionna (No Hat), Simon Petrikov, Betty Grof, The Lich King, Princess Bubblegum Lich Possessed, Sweet P. (Purified Lich), Princess Bubblegum Lich Possessed Giant, Hunson Abadeer (Marceline's Dad), Marceline's Mum (unknown name), Flame Finn, Candy Flame Princess, Fun The Human (Candy Fern), Marshmaline (Candy Marceline), Slime Jake, Patience St. Pim (Ice Elemental), Saint Nicholas (Santa), Old Lady (His Hero Episode), Cousin Chicle, Aunt Lolly, Joshua (Jake's Dad), Margaret (Jake's Mom)

    still to be added from Adventure Time:
    -To Be Determined-

    of which are Gravity Falls:
    Dipper, Mabel, Robbie, Wendy, Gideon, Pacifica Northwest, Stanley Pines, Lazy Susan, Stanford Pines, Tambry, Marius von Fundshauser (German Prince), Grenda, Bill Cipher, Candy, Dipper (Wendy's Hat), Wendy (Dipper's Hat)

    still to be added from Gravity Falls: -
    To Be Determined-

    of which are Steven Universe:
    Steven, Connie, Greg (Steven's Dad), Rose Quartz, Greg (Young), Rainbow Quartz (Rose and Pearl's Fusion), Pink Lars, Garnet, Onion, Amethyst, Jamie (Mailman), Pearl, Lars, Sadie, Jasper, Lapis, Malachite, Peridot, Ruby, Sapphire

    still to be added from Steven Universe
    : -To Be Determined-

    of which are The Amazing World of Gumball: Gumball, Penny, Darwin, Anais, Richard, Nicole, Tobias, Rachel (Tobias' Sister), Alan, Carmen

    still to be added from The Amazing World of Gumball:
    Larry, Penny (Shelled), Principal Brown, Ms
    Scimian, Mr Robinson, Mrs Robinson

    List of Shows so far:
    Adventure Time, Rick and Morty, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, The Amazing World of Gumball

    still to be added:

    ?Attack on Titan?

    If you want anymore characters/shows to be added (whether they are listed as maybe or aren't listed) then comment, I will reply after a while confirming if I can do that character or not.

    Remember to suggest Shows/Characters I should do in the comments! Enjoy the textures!:potato:

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