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Wow Really, Banned?

Discussion in 'General Help' started by Alkara, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. Alkara

    Alkara Guest

    So I tried connect to the Dev server and it worked yesterday though I kept getting disconnected over and over and over then finally it popped up and said I was kicked because of using hacks or low connection or something. Now I'm banned from the server. Just happened on another server, wth is going on?
  2. nginferno

    nginferno Guest

    It happened on almost every single server I went, and i cant join anything :(
  3. Amida

    Amida Guest

    I just get disconnected randomly sometimes. Not much of a problem though
  4. Geti

    Geti Please avoid PMing me (poke a mod instead) THD Team Administrator Global Moderator

    If people are kicking you and you DC you're automatically banned for an hour - this prevents griefers from disconnecting to avoid their ban. Try to find a server in your country, you're more likely to get a better connection there :)
  5. nginferno

    nginferno Guest

    I live in a place where the response for minecraft is "Er what is that, a minecart?"
  6. MM

    MM THD Team THD Team Administrator Global Moderator

    I introduced cheat detection just yesterday. It may be faulty when there is lag. I am testing it out. Sorry if you get banned without reason.
  7. Funso

    Funso Guest

    Registered because I am getting the same problem.

    It's a proper issue. Anti-hacking measures should not hurt regular players.
  8. poe

    poe Shopkeep Stealer

    It's an unfortunate all around losing situation. You're right but without them people grief and ruin the game.
  9. vig

    vig KAG Guard Tester

    a reason for kicking should be added and if the vote doesn't pass, vote starter gets kicked in stead.
  10. Lizardheim

    Lizardheim Guest

    What a horrible idea.
    That'd just make it worse, since it'd kick honest people.
  11. vig

    vig KAG Guard Tester

    how in sam's hill would honest people be kicked?

    You want to kick someone for no reason, you start a vote, vote doesn't pass, you get kicked for starting a pointless vote.
    You want to kick someone because of a real reason and initiate a vote, the vote passes and someone gets kicked.
    You want to kick someone because of a real reason and initiate a vote, the vote doesn't pass, you get kicked and don't play on that server with those people again.
  12. poe

    poe Shopkeep Stealer

    That's a bad idea because it's way too grief-able. Also because it would strike fear into people staring a vote.
  13. nginferno

    nginferno Guest

    Still need help with the autoban -_-
    I got banned from both the jp server and shoozza's. And those are the only servers with players.
  14. shorpo

    shorpo Guest

    Also happened to me today. I barely joined then was disconnected and saw something like "vote for kicking player has passed" and then was like "wat, was that hax?". Then I noticed my ping was higher than usual and turn off my torrents.
  15. Ceical

    Ceical Guest

    Adding a reason feature would be really helpful. Most people get kicked because they killed someone or built something that ticked someone else off. I know you could lie in something like this, but it would be nice to try to prevent people from smashing F12 for no reason.
  16. HA1TER

    HA1TER Shopkeep Stealer

    well i would put it this way;
    1. someone calls a vote
    2.pick up a reason(destroyng own base,stealing own gold,using bad language etc)
    3.it shows a name and reason(but it would be a bit bigger than now,too small to see who you kick:s)
    4.prevent to press F12 or F11 in first 5-10 seconds(cause when someone start a vote usually it take less than 5 seconds to be kicked :l,monkey see,monkey press...I was voted out just when i typed :"wh...."-disconnected XD.I wanted to ask why kick!Well,60 kills 650 gold,that why)
    5.guy gets kicked or does not and still,no one knows why XD
    6.auto kick if he does not change name!Is it so hard to give 5 seconds to type in some letters in settings???(permaname :p)
    Lets vote!
  17. HA1TER

    HA1TER Shopkeep Stealer

    My girl was playng under name Lola and she got kicked by some Donovan or something similar because she was better than him or what???I was watching her play and she did NOT do any harm to her own team,but she was tryng to steal the bag from the other team all the time...It happened on Official Euro server.
    Worst thing was that it happened in 5 seconds!There should be some better way for voting.Maybe a chance for people to write back what did they do or why?Like this people still can abuse voting!

    Oh,cant play on only server where there is someone actually playng :l