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Writing Contest 2

Discussion in 'Old Events/Giveaways/Contests' started by Kovett, Feb 22, 2013.

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    Thread can be closed now thank you :3

    After being unsatisfied that only one person could win the previous...

    There will be a second Writing Contest!

    More than 200 words, less than 1k words.
    Any work that is not made by you will not be counted.
    Max 2 Stories per person.

    Impress me and you'll win one of the following! (there can be more than 1 winner, anyone who types a good story, in my opinion, can be rewarded with a prize)

    - Premium, can be gifted
    - $15 Paypal AUD

    Entries close: 3rd March Sunday

    PS: Please don't do short posts, please only post stories here. If you wish to compliment/whatever, like their post and post on their profile! Leaves more easy accessibility to those who want to read!

    my unstarted example story, what did you expect?[/S]]
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  2. Will edit this post during the next few days. Sorry for the inconvience. Good luck to every one who will enter!

    Check the Spoiler :D

    Here's my story entitled: Dawn Of A New Day

    Chapter 1: Dawn of A New Day

    A bright white light...

    Who am I? What am I doing here?

    I look at my outfit. It is made of plated red steel. The sun’s rays bounce off it, giving me a mysterious radiance. I have an iron sword by my side. I unsheathe it and marvel at it as it gives a luminous glow.
    “Hey there, careful with that. You might hurt someone.” Someone said.
    I look to my right, and see a lady garbed identically with me. She looks confused, just like me.
    “Pardon me, but where am I?” I ask.
    “Oh, sorry. I’m not really sure.” She answers.
    “That’s fine. I’m going to have a look around. See you later I guess.” I said.
    “Can I go with you? I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do.” She says.
    “Oh! W-well of course, if you want to.” I sputter.
    I just realized that I’m not good with talking to people. Especially with people of the other gender. Ah well, life’s tough I suppose.
    We walk out of what seemingly is a large tent. I see other people dressed as I am. All geared for battle. I saw a circular object on the ground and picked it up. It seems to be a bomb. I put it in one of my pockets just in case.
    “I’m going to check the woods, would you like to come? That is, if you want to.” I say to my partner.
    “Sure.” Is all she says.
    As we walk through the woods, she seems to be thinking.
    “Hey, I have to tell you something.” She says slowly.
    “I don’t know what I’m feeling right now. I just feel... so confused. I mean, I don’t know who I am, or why I’m here. I feel... lost.” She says.
    “That’s alright. I... feel the same way too.” I say. “I’m also not sure, what I’m here for. I don’t know what to do. But, I think I have a sense of purpose when I’m with you. Sorry if that sounds a bit weird.” I said.
    “Really? Thanks, I guess. Even if I just met you, you’re okay. ” She says.
    We talked for a long long time. The day was coming to a close. For some reason, we didn’t remember our names, so we just thought of names for ourselves.
    “I know what I’m going to call you!” She exclaims. “ I’m going to call you Winter! You know, the season. I don’t know, but I have a vague feeling that I like winter.” She says.
    “Then I guess I’ll have to call you Summer then. That sounds nice.” I answer with a smile.
    “Hey, have you- -“
    The ground beneath us exploded, scattering debris all around us. I unsheathed my sword by instinct and held Summer close.
    “Stick to me! Draw out your sword!” I say hurriedly.
    She follows and put her back against mine. As the dust settles, I saw a group of people all around us. They were also wearing identical garb, except the armor they wear had a tinge of blue. I grip my sword tightly.
    “Who are you and what do you want?” I shout.
    “You don’t have to know that.” One of them answered. “Get them!” He exclaims and motions towards us.
    The people around us numbered up to ten. They had their swords drawn. One of them carried a bow.
    “Winter, I’m scared.” Summer whispers to me.
    “Its okay. Everything’s going to be alright.” I say half-heartedly.
    I was about to attack the person nearest me when another group of people careened towards us. They wore what we wore. They numbered up to five. I’m not sure how we can win against the enemy.
    “You guys shouldn’t have left off without a larger group!” One of our allies say.
    “I see you’ve brought some friends to perish with you. No matter, we outnumber you. Kill them!” The leader of the hostile group shouts.
    The enemies launched themselves upon us with malevolent fury. In the confusion, I lost Summer’s grip. One of the enemy ran towards me, his sword glistening in the twilight. Our blades danced, a never ending tango with fate to seal it. I parried his blow and caught him off guard. Swish! He feinted and sliced my left wrist. I jabbed left and right and bashed my shield against him. He kept on dodging and swiping. I felt my whole left arm weaken. He sliced my ankle and kicked it, making me stumble. He was about to do a finishing blow when I kicked his chest then tripped his foot. His forehead hit a rock and he was knocked unconscious and slumped to the ground. I was surprised at my competency in the ways of close combat. It seemed to me that everything went slow motion. My allies were struggling as the enemies gained upon them. I couldn’t see Summer anywhere. I ran towards my allies when suddenly I was brought back to reality.
    Someone had tossed a bomb towards my direction. I was knocked down by the force of the explosion while more debris scattered around me. As the dust settled, I was aghast. My allies were all dead. The scene was too gory, I couldn't believe it. I saw Summer upon the ground, bleeding slowly. I forced myself to stand and run towards Summer. She was conscious, thankfully.
    “Winter...” She said feebly.
    “I’m still here. Stay strong for me.” I said.
    “I thought you perished...”She answered.
    “And perish he will!” The leader of the enemy shouted harshly. “You were lucky your allies were excellent fighters. Too bad they’re all dead.” He said with a sneer.
    “You... why are you doing this?!” I shouted.
    “You are an enemy of mine, therefore you deserve to die! I still have some men with me, what are you going to do about it?” He exclaimed.
    He was right. I look behind him and see five people. Four with swords and shields and one with a bow.
    “Give up, and we’ll finish you off quickly.” He said.
    I was desperate. I remembered that I had a bomb with me. I thought of something.
    “Summer, do you promise to do what I say?” I say to Summer.
    “Yes, anything. But why? What do you plan to do?” She answers.
    “Summer, remember that you are what gives me purpose in life. I thank you for that. Please, do what I say. Run away on my signal. Run towards our tent. Save yourself.” I said.
    “But what about you? I can’t bear to leave you. You gave me a reason to live.” She says.
    “I’ll always be with you in your heart. Now... RUN!” I shout!
    “Make sure you come back! Because if you don’t... I don’t know how I can live.” She cries, tears streaming down her face. She runs towards the direction we came and disappears beyond the hills.
    “You can’t run! Archer, shoot at her!” The leader says.
    I sprint towards the archer and strike a blow. He falls.
    “You won’t touch her.” I say with anger.
    “Then I will have to kill you!” The leader lashes out.
    He jabs and I sidestep. The archer recovers. They encircle me and attack all at the same time. I grip my bomb and light it. I see my memories flash by. I saw Summer, smiling at me. Her face seems to equal that of the gods. I remember our walk in the woods. I remember how I met here.

    I remember her.

    Summer... I love you.

    Chapter 2: Dawn Of A New Day

    A bright white light...

    Who am I? What am I doing here?

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  3. Woo, another chance :D


    Query: This means you're relative a story from a first person view, or could it be from any other PoV? Like third person omniscient?
  4. A spoken or written account of connected events; a story: "a bare narrative of the details".

    so yeah sure.
  5. toffie0

    toffie0 is sweeter than you <3 Global Moderator Forum Moderator Tester

    Alright here's my story:

    Meg jabbed the soldier and yelled I win, and poked her tonge out, at her small skinny brother, Matt. Matt was only five, but knew the basics of swordplay, quite well. Matt was quite tall for his age, but still small compared to his sister, who is nine. He has light brown hair, and a muscular body. He loves to play toy solders with Maggie, despite always losing. Maggie tossed her head over towards their mother, who was cooking on the fire. Only when Matt looked closer, did he realize that she was figeting and kept glancing at the door.
    "Where's father?" asked Matt in a voice much stronger then he felt.
    "He's just running a tad late, sweetie. Why don't you go and feed the horses while I cook dinner?" His mother replied in a soft casual voice, but Matt could tell that she was worried. He glanced at his sister, who was curling her shining blonde hair, then he turned back to his mother and nodded to say alright, then he headed off, through the door and into the fresh night air. He looked up, into the night sky and found the sun, right below the horizon. Yeah mum, Just a tad late. Matt thought, as he hurried down to the stables. Like usual, Maggie had already fed her horse, and to prove it she had left the empty bucket of food next to the tap. Matt hated when she did this, it ment that he had to clean the bucket twice, which was quite hard for a five year old to clean the bucket till they can see their reflection in it. Matt even suspected that she did this on purpose, just to annoy him. He rested his head onto his horse's, long chestnut neck. Then he slowly led her away from the stables and into the night. He knew that he was not ment to do this without permission from his mother or father, but he did it anyway. He whispered into the horses ear " let's go out for a ride, hey? Just us two, this once." the horse nipped his ear, in a way to say, yes, let's go now before anyone sees us. He lifted himself up onto the horse's bare back, and adjusted himself until he felt comfortable, out of the corner of his eye he saw a dark figure entre his house. As if the horse could read his mind, she walked slowly towards the house, makeing sure to stick to the very few shadows that was left. The horse stopped right beside the house into a dark corner near he chicken coop. He pressed his face against the cold hard bricks of his house, listening carefully.
    "I am very sorry ma'am but you must leave the city at once, grab all your belongings that you can carry and go." said a muffled voice, just like Matt's fathers voice when he wears his helmet, only that this voice was deeper.
    "Where's our father?" a soft voice asked politely.
    "I'll wait outside while you gather what you can then I'll take you to one of the kings allies." said the muffled voice intruder, completely ignoring Meg. Matt hopped off his horse and ran inside, while yelling "Stay there!" to his steed. He grabbed his most valued items, his wooden sword, his toy soldiers and a couple of other things as well as spare cloths. Then he helped his mother load the food into the bags while Meg gathered the chickens and collected the eggs. Once Matt was finished packing the food, he hurried into the stables and took all the horses supplies that he could carry.

    It seemed like ages to Matt, but in reality it only took a few minuets to gather their supplies. Matt stood outside his house carrying a warned out bag, that was packed to the very limit. He whistled, and felt a gush of wind against his face, as his horse galloped to him. He loaded the bag onto the horse then ran inside to grab twelve blankets, he gave four blankets to each one of his family members, that were their then he jumped wrapped a blanket around his horses neck and lifted himself up onto the horse. He wrapped the blankets around himself and immediately felt warmer. Then after checking that Meg and his mother were ready, he clicked his tonge and sped off into the moonlight, following the man, with a muffled voice.

    Matt was asleep, on his horse, Penny, while the bandits raided them. He was asleep while the man who they were following got killed. He was asleep while the bandits put a lead on his horse, the was attached to a rope. He was asleep while they attached the rope to their cart. Only did he wake when he heard the horses cry. Noticing that their youngest victim had finally woken up, they hurried over to him, and tackled him. Matt was not ready to give in without a fight, his horse noticing what was happening tried as hard as it could to get Matt out of their reach. One of the bandits reached into their pockets and pulled out a glistening object. Only when the man came closer did he realise that the object was a knife. Dread ran through him.
    "I will do it, ya know. I will. Now stop makeing a racket. Or else." A deep voice boomed, he obeyed, knowing it was his only choice. He felt the bandits grab him and rope him up, so he was useless. The man with the knife came forward and placed it so the blade just touched Matt's throut.
    "Tell me where the King is." He boomed
    " I... I... Don't know sir" Matt squeaked.
    Unable to move, I sat there while they decided what to do with me. Then a different bandit towards me, this one was smaller, and what felt like more weaker then the last. He grabbed Matt by the waist and threw him into their cart. Then sped off. After what seemed like ages Matt fell into a deep sleep.

    Matt found himself in a comfy bed when he woke up, he tried to sit up, but his head hurt him to much. A elderly man walked in followed by a women who seemed to be talking to a young man, with blonde hair. Trailing behind the three was a scrawny skinny man. The elderly man realizing Matt was awake walked over to him, and said " Here take this it will help with the pain. You ae very lucky to be alive if the patrol didn't hear the horse whinney's I can't think of what would happen to you. The patrol said they found you roped up wedged under a cart. They found body's of bandits close by."

    Matt took the bottle of what the man was referring to and galped it down, then said weakly
    " The last thing I remember was being tied up on that cart, from their it went blank." Matt shut his eyes, the pain in his head dulling. He felt a soft hand touch his forehead and a voice whisper in his ear.

    "where do you come from?"
    "Camalot" Matt answered weakly back, not knowing if he should have told the truth.
    "Same, name is Authur, this Gius, my court physician, and this is Emily a freind of mine. Oh and this is Merlin, my servant. Looks like we both have lost family members. May I ask, what's your name? Authur said
    Matt opened his eyes to see who he was talking about then answered
    "Matt, Matthew Fliss"
    "I knew your father kind man he was, brilliant with a sword, he became quite a close freind of mine. I owe him quite a bit. Get some rest, in the morning I'll show you around, and maybe even show you a thing or two wit a sword."

    Smiling Matt layer down and rested, he listened to the footsteps going out of the room, and fell into an uneasy sleep.

    This is my story. Probably didn't get the history of King Authur right but aah well.
  6. PinXviiN

    PinXviiN Haxor

    May i write stories more like horror and with shock ending? :D
    Like in Creepypasta wiki?
  7. One

    One I got 99 problems and my name is One Donator Tester

    I don't think narrative is a genre, it is more of a element of a story. You can have a adventure story with or without narrative and it would be in the adventure genre. So instead of writing "Genre:Narrative" Just write 'Must contain narration'
  8. RainbowFlash

    RainbowFlash Guest

    Some kids would not even know what a narrative is ..
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  9. lavalord

    lavalord Haxor Staff Alumni Donator Tester

    As with many words in the English language, narration has more than one meaning. In its broadest context narration encompasses all written fiction, or simply "story-telling." As one of the four rhetorical modes of discourse, the purpose of narration is to tell a story or to narrate an event or series of events. Narrative may exist in a variety of forms, including biographies, anecdotes, short stories and novels. In this context, all written fiction may be viewed as narration.
    Narrowly defined, narration is the fiction-writing mode whereby the narrator is communicating directly to the reader. If, however, the broad definition of narration includes all written fiction, and the narrow definition is limited merely to that which is directly communicated to the reader, what comprises the rest of written fiction? The remainder of written fiction would be in the form of any of the other fiction-writing modes, such as description, exposition, summarization, etc.
  10. If you aren't writing a story, DO NOT POST HERE.
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  11. >.> So here's me thinking people would've submitted their entries before me as I'm swamped with med work... Anywhoo, here's the first - second will be up later when I find that blasted USB.
    The sound of a hammer meeting steel echoed through the night; the clang of iron and the beating of metal. With every strike, it sang; with every note, it rhymed: the beating of a heart and the breath of a man.

    Furin could feel thick layers of sweat forming upon his nape and back, his upper torso was left uncovered except for a black apron which fit him well. He could feel the blazing heat of the forge and see hundreds of dark embers burning away in the furnace as he worked. He lifted the hammer once more, holding firm his tool and brought it down upon the mould, keeping his creation in the heat, bathing it in the fires and watching the metal glow like the sun.

    This went on for the next half-hour -the hearth was coated with ash and a mixture of his own sweat, which pooled in certain areas under him. Then it was finished. Furin dropped his hammer, ignoring the noise as it clattered against the stone. He looked at his work and picked it up with both hands, holding it like he would a child, and submerged it in the nearby waterbarrel. It hissed in retaliation, as if annoyed by the cold and lack of heat. A cloud of steam rose from the barrel, Furin felt the warmth and smiled, he could see bubbles forming from beneath the mist. A few minutes passed by and the water stilled.

    Furin pulled it out and examined his work, by the light of the forge and through his own keen eyes, it was beautiful. A sword, black as the night yet as lustrous as any star that dared to shine. In the heat it was molded, in the Earth it was found; now it was his once more.


    The only word spoken from Furin's mouth for the day, it lasted only a second as a whisper, but echoed in his mind and it brought him joy.

    Joy! Every little detail scrutinized and every part inspected as he felt the sword with his hand. The pommel, the edge, forte and foible. It was as straight as a needle, and as wide as a man's palm. He brought it down in a diagonal cut began a thrust and slashed at an invisible foe. It cut through the air effortlessly and he could've sworn he heard it hum a single pure note.

    He put it down after a few more repititions, and for a moment he was at peace. He could hear his breathing, loud and noisy now that everything else was calm. He sat down on a stool next to the furnace, relaxing his muscles by the fire. He took this time to rest, checking the room once more for anything he missed. A smooth stone room with pillars set at the corners, an oval window carved into the wall opposite him shown what else lay in his vicinity. Nothing but a cobblestone road and a few wooden buildings, lanterns spewing light from the street.

    The Smithy was old, despite it's earlier refurbishing. A testimony to the architecture of the human race, even the exquisitely carved decor on it's pillars told of an earlier day. A tale of days long by, of when there was a time of magic and Gods, of the supernatural and legend. Now, only the supernatural remained. Furin looked back at the sword with a broad smile, Iridia would make sure that none would threaten his home again.
    If any questions are to be asked whether I wrote this or not, PM please and I'll link it. ^^
  12. Please learn to read. Don't post if you aren't writing a story for this.

    "Kidou-kun, how would you like to go home with me today?" Natsukawa suddenly asked me so. The whole classroom fell into shock.

    But no one could be more shocked than me.

    What does this mean?

    Why me? This is too sudden, isn't it.

    Slightly flustered, I unconsciously took my books that were already in my bag out again. I must have heard it wrong? Yes, these words must have came from the guy sitting behind me. That's right, that must be it.

    But when I turned around, there was nobody.

    .....Well of course, this is the last row after all.

    "So? Shall we go home?" Natsukawa stared down at me.

    .....damn. I'm not so easily tricked,

    Natsukawa is certainly a beauty. Just those blue eyes and silver hair is enough to attract everyone's attention. Since her looks is very proper as well, not only does she looks very adorable when she smiles, it also gives an easy-to-approach and gentle feel. Even a well-made puppet can hardly keep up with her. The amount of detail the maker gave her himself is fabulous. If she were to dress up in a skirt, even if she claimed herself to be a princess from a foreign country, I'm sure plenty of people will believe it.

    But so what? Back in my mother's days, she was also called the beauty of the town. Beautiful women cannot be trusted.

    I should respond as cold as possible, rejecting her like scum!

    Glaring at Natsukawa, I told her directly "That...that... that actually, say... I... today, I have something to do!"


    "Something to do" is the ultimate excuse.

    ".... Is that so. That's a shame" Natsukawa replied politely, then left with a "I'll be going first".

    Phew, that sure was tense.

    I wonder what's with this sudden invitation?

    Although we do exchange a few words because of how we're neighbours in class, that is barely sufficient to go home together.

    Probably a beauty's sudden urge. By tomorrow she'll definitely forget all about me.

    Life just has to prove me wrong.

    The second day, then the third day, Natsukawa continued to invite me to walk her home.

    "What are your intentions?" I couldn't help but ask Natsukawa with a small voice, just so I won't catch the attention of the entire class.

    Natsukawa tilted her head in a cute way and repeated "intentions?"

    "Is this some kind of truth or dare game? Or perhaps I'm on candid camera with your friends hiding in some corner? I'm not so easily tricked!"

    Natsukawa smiled. Sure is one deadly smile indeed. "I, can I say it?"

    "S-say what?...."

    Don't go for it! Keep calm.....

    "The reason why I want to go home with you, it's okay even if I say it right here?"

    "That's what I was asking all along"

    "That is.....b-" Natsukawa suddenly stopped. Her eyes shifted as if hesitating, then looked at me with wet eyes "Becaus-, I love you"

    The air in the classroom froze.

    My mind was blank. Difficultly, I uttered one word ".......huh?"

    "I'm head over heels in love with you"

    "Wait, I'm not sure I understand you...."

    "You make me go crazy"

    "That's even harder to understand!"

    "It's because you are very attractive"

    "yes I get it, but things are even worse now!"

    Cries spread out through the classroom. There were "Ahhh--" screaming girls, there were frantic murmurs between some, there were also faces of nothing but disbelief. The Yamamoto I mentioned before crumbled to a kneel on the ground like a pitcher having thrown a decisive home runner -- except that this guy is from the soccer department.

    "Seems like we have caused a lot of disturbance" Natsukawa smiled shyly.

    Suddenly placed under this situation, I have no idea what to do.

    "I think we shouldn't stay here for long, or rumors will start spreading"

    If you were to worry about that, then it's already too late.

    "Take me anywhere with you~" she seemingly recited a line from some romance drama TV show.

    Although this line couldn't be more unreal, when it came from her, it sounded as if she meant it. Maybe it's because of her looks after all?

    --what's wrong with you beauties, you disgust me!

    In the end I still acted according to her words.

    Extract from Ore no Kanojo no Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru Light Novel.
    No content in this spoiler was written by the user 'soulrealm' of King Arthur's Gold Forums.
    This content is not being intended to be used for any gains whatsoever.
    Any and all gains/acknowledgement belong rightfully to the writer/publishers of Ore no Kanojo no Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru Light Novel.
    Writer of this light novel: Yuuji Yuuji
    Illustrated by: Ruroo
    Publisher of this light novel: Softbank Creative
    All works, original and/or translated, belong to their respective copyright holders in their respective countries.
    This extract is done with the intention to promote these works to attract more readers to make English licensing possible.
    If you feel your rights are being violated due to the usage of this wiki up to, but not limited by the presentation/broadcast/showing/distribution of works in their original and/or translated full and/or portion of the work, please notify me as soon as possible.
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  13. DubstepMonkey

    DubstepMonkey Horde Gibber

    Ok heres my crappy story also note that i never wright stories im more kind of a doing guy anyway.
    I will finish this over the next few days cause i cant do it right now.
    The emu, ostrich and the egg.
    Emu: ( Male, Jimmy)
    Ostrich: ( Female , Stephanie)
    Egg: ( Unknown?)

    A small town in the middle of Australia no its not Alice springs it's Bursville.

    Emu: Lalalala i wonder what will happen to me on this wonderful day.
    Ostrich: Meh i guess today's an alright day if you put it that way..
    Emu: Hmm i wonder is that an emu over there i might pop in and say gday see how the fellas goin. Gday mate my names Jimmy you surviving in this hot desert heat ?​
    Ostrich: Mate, im not your mate im a girl if you would love to know.​
    Emu: Oh sorry bout that you look new i haven seen you around, i wouldn't find a find looking creature around these outbacks, besides that whats your name?​
    Ostrich: Its Stephanie but you can call me steph cause ya ugly.​
    Emu: wow mate im not that ugly am i? Whoa whats that over there it looks like an egg.​
    Ostrich: Are you sure your not looking into a mirror?​
    Emu: Ha ha very funny well im going to check out the egg if you dont mind.
    Ostrich: Hm this emu seems strange. I might as well check out the egg.
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  14. FuzzyBlueBaron

    FuzzyBlueBaron Warm, Caring, Benign, Good and Kind Philanthrope Global Moderator Forum Moderator Donator Tester
    1. The Young Blood Collective - [YB]

    Thread locked at OP request.
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