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Ye Olde Pubb (Last/Previous match general)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by saniblues, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. Jak_E

    Jak_E Shipwright

    I had no idea... THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING
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  2. tlc2011

    tlc2011 Base Burner

    I was there, actually.

    Back in the final days of it, at least.
  3. zninja

    zninja Shopkeep Stealer

    I threw a bomb onto an enemy bridge which was full of enemies. Jackpot.
    Then I killed some knights and tossed another bomb.
    And felt awesome. :B):
  4. Adinxs

    Adinxs Bison Rider

    Boy do I have a tale to tell.
    Last match I was in was small, 4 to 5. (We had the 4)
    They annihilated our poorly made base but our knights were so good we killed every unit on the enemy team. The got so mad the ENTIRE team rage-quitted. We had a good laugh.
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  5. Zuboki

    Zuboki KAG Guard Tester

    Rayne's Day and Night, just happened last match.

    As a red knight, I was stuck in a small chasm, with a blue builder. He immediately walled himself up. We were fairly deep in blue territory, and I couldn't make the jump out. I heard the stone wall next to me murmur "...there's no one here. I swear". I, building up as much bravado as I could in this situation, asserted myself by saying "Build me a ladder up, and I won't kill you." The builder paused; then "Okay!" He opened up the top of his Montressor-like cell, built two spaces of ladders, and hopped back down in. Before he sealed himself off, our eyes met. I smiled; he returned it. In that moment, I realized we're not so different, he and I. Another time, another place, we could be friends, teammates even.

    Love can bloom.

    (and if you're going to write a slashfic based on this, please don't include my name kthx)
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  6. Jak_E

    Jak_E Shipwright

    And then you stabbed him repeatedly right?
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  7. thebonesauce

    thebonesauce All life begins and ends with Nu Staff Alumni
    1. MOLEing Over Large Estates - [MOLE]
    2. The Ivory Tower of Grammar-Nazis

    I have actually done this on a few occasions. Hahaha. Stuck in enemy territory, the only way out was suicide or to make an alliance with a builder. Obviously, a knight would slaughter a builder that close together... So, make a deal. You let me go, I let you go. Plain and simple!
  8. MacD

    MacD Shark Slayer

    The last game I was in, a derp builder continuously plugged up every archers nest I made with stone then proceeded to make stone skybridges linking the red team's tower to ours. I paused to tell him that it's not a good idea to make stone skybridges, so he says "ok" and immediately thereafter he collapses it onto 6 of our teammates beneath. We managed to take over that tower shortly afterwards, but it was in bad condition. I moved back towards our base to start collecting materials to fix it up, and I noticed Mr. derp builder from earlier climbing our base with a catapult in hand. As soon as he put it down and loaded it, he fired it directly at the bottom of the tower we'd just captured. Not just once, but 3 times. It came toppling down, killing 2 of our teammates and letting the red team come through once more.

    The game I played before that, something else was making me angry. There were plenty of derp builders all around and terrible defences being constructed, but it was a single knight on my team that was infuriating me. The red team was advancing in waves of 4 or 5 at a time, and this one blue knight was persistently trying to take them all out on his own. Every time they steamrolled him, he'd say something like "4v1 noobs" or "y cant u fight me 1v1 like a man". Whenever an archer pecked him off before the waves of knights had a chance to destroy him, he'd say "noob archers" or some other stupid thing. This went on for the duration of the game, and his K/D ratio was 7/34 at the end. Before I left the game, I told him that it would be wise to either wait for teammates to help him or just not charge forward at all. I wasn't surprised at all when he called me a noob in response.

    Playing on the MOLE server and Rayne's server has spoiled me; It's a lot harder to find good builders and proper teamwork on public servers.
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  9. Chinizz

    Chinizz Arsonist

    It happened to me to ! With a knight named Jessew, who spared my life for making him a ladder. But one of his teammate killed me, and then Jessew said something like "fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ! why d u kill my friend ???"
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  10. tlc2011

    tlc2011 Base Burner

    @Game1: If you see that builder again, guide him to the manual, the tutorials, and if he doesn't not know what a forum is, the forums. Also tell him he's a derp builder and if he doesn't read the manual, at least, he'll stay that way.

    @Game2: If you see that knight again, and he calls you a noob in response to you telling him that it would be wise to either wait for teammates to help or just not charge at all, call him a piece of shit and that he's never going to be a good knight with that way of thinking.
  11. Zuboki

    Zuboki KAG Guard Tester

    Yeah, obviously insulting them with the same generic insults they use on you will work like a charm.

    Some people are new, some are skilled, some catch on fast, some catch on never. That's what you sign up for when you play a multiplayer game.
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  12. Beef

    Beef ก็็็็็็็็็็็็็ʕ•͡ᴥ•ʔ ก้้้้้้้้้้้ Global Moderator Forum Moderator Tester


    Beautiful. I had a similar experience, except with two builders who were constructing a mini outpost, featuring a keg and health shop, in the tunnels beneath the map. Rather than massacring them and destroying it all, I ask them to buy me a keg, and, in return, I won't kill them.

    To my surprise, one did. The other walled himself in and gave us the finger (perhaps the more sensible one), but the first one made me a keg, navigated out of his warm, bright little shelter, into the cold, dank, dark tunnels I was crouched in, threw it in my general direction, and smiled, before returning to his friend.

    I couldn't bare to use the keg on their tower after that, so I just blew it up underground and went builder for a while. (This was on Mole server, by the way.) Love can bloom, indeed.
  13. saniblues

    saniblues KAG Guard Tester

    Earlier today I used exploits and shenanigans to lead my team to victory and later I used the regular kind of shenanigans. The End.
  14. Chinizz

    Chinizz Arsonist

    I found out that love, compassion, tolerance and fraternity between enemies happend more between a builder and a knight.
  15. thebonesauce

    thebonesauce All life begins and ends with Nu Staff Alumni
    1. MOLEing Over Large Estates - [MOLE]
    2. The Ivory Tower of Grammar-Nazis

    Man, game just now in MOLE. It's 6 am. I haven't slept for almost 24 hours now. It was me and Auri against two dudes whose names I can't remember. Capped the flag like 4 times before we decided to split it up. I originally wanted to see what would happen with me vs Auri and 2 other dudes, then more people joined up. In the end I was the only one left on my side, Auri and 2 others on his. I had a building ready to collapse for just this occasion. They saw my ploy though... They started breaking the teamdoors and noticed my badly damaged backwall flimsily holding up my tower on the Ruined map on MOLE's server. They broke the door and I went for it.

    ...It missed all 3.

    I retreated, back through some double doors, they started charging to break the doors, I charged...

    ...And helped them break a door. I was so fucked. I ran back towards my bomb shop, bombed one of the 3, and for my valiant last stand...

    ...I gibbed myself. I felt so dumb. :QQ:
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  16. Chinizz

    Chinizz Arsonist

    First time I really tried the archer class. It was pretty funny, and more easy than what I thought.

    It was against Henrys. They are so stupid...:p
  17. sonic7089

    sonic7089 Bison Rider

    I was on a server with kegs and lanterns (that one one ya know?).
    Well me loving explosions i stockpiled kegs..
    Lots and lots of kegs...
    While stockpiling it overflowed...
    and i had to make a wall...
    using left click...
    and lit it...
    and didn't know
    50 kegs went boom on our fortress
    AND i had alot of coins on me!
    Everyone was like :(
    But when i farmed money to make 20 more it was like :)
    And the explosions continued... (On the enemy, not us)
    Till a greifer came...
  18. Wonkyth

    Wonkyth More precious than carbuncles! Donator Tester

    So, uh, I guess the griefer somehow managed to blow up more stuff? :P
  19. sonic7089

    sonic7089 Bison Rider

    The kegs i just made went boom.
  20. Wonkyth

    Wonkyth More precious than carbuncles! Donator Tester

    I present a little dramatisation of a scene that took place on the AoE Bar Brawl server a few hours back.

    Two friends, fighting side-by-side. Their teamwork was unmatched, their courage marvelous to behold. Without them, the blue soldiers whom they called comrade would have died many a time more than must occur.
    Suddenly, A ping spike!
    One of the friends is kicked out into the cold, dark server-list, punished for the crime of existence.
    (relative) Eons passed, but both knew what they must do: each must wait for the other.
    Such was the strength of their friendship that their patience lasted minutes, hours, until finally...
    Their hearts leaped within their chests, as at long last they would be reunited.
    But Alas, it was not to be!
    Much was their anguish, and yet they both fought fiercely by their brothers in arms, carefully avoiding confrontation with one-another.
    Time and lives passed, until there remained only these two, staring over their shields as they carefully approached the final dueling-grounds.
    In one last lunge at restoring the great partnership they once shared, the red knight made a request.
    When nearly a minute of still silence had passed, they both jumped in.
    The spectacular impromptu which they whistled was so jaunty that even the ghosts of both armies were tapping their heels in time.
    Of course, the two knights were doing far more than that. Michael Jackson, Latin ballroom, breakdancing. All of these and more were demonstrated skillfully as they rapidly proceeded through their improvised steps.
    Magical, it was.
    Then disaster struck again.
    While rifling through every style of dance imaginable, the red knight happened upon Japanese sword dancing. Woe, for this was not a style he had previously attempted, and his keen blade still hungered for blood.
    One mis-timed stroke left a bleeding gash along the arm of the blue knight, and in that moment of agony, his fear of betrayal overcame him.
    All at once, his darker self had decided that this was all a ruse, that the red knight only meant to tire his 'friend' so as to make dispatching him all the easier. To his mind, this sudden painful blow had marked the first crack in the opening of the red knight's malice.
    He decided then and there that he would not fall to treachery.
    In the split second after the accident, while the red knight was still reeling apologetically at the horrible mistake he'd made in his movements, the blue knight turned upon his old partner and struck off his head.

    As what remained of the neck spewed forth lifeblood, the blue knight could do nothing but stare in anger.
    Then, hearing the agonizing cries of the red knight's ghost as it vanished into the main menu, the blue knight realised the horror he had committed.
    Wept, he did, upon the lifeless corpse of his brave red friend.
    After many minutes, he rose, his features arranged in a picture of utter despair. There was nothing left for him on this server.
    Turning to the many unburied corpses littering the battlefield, he muttered a slow "Bye, guys" before running headlong towards the edge of a nearby cliff, his shield raised high above his head in a final salute to life.

    The game was over, the next map was loading.
    Life, death, destruction. All things will continue, as if it were some strange wheel of time. And yet already the names of this great warrior duo has already passed into the fog of forgetfulness.
    May we remember, at the very least, the blue knight's last words.