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Ye Olde Pubb (Last/Previous match general)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by saniblues, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. Dargona1018

    Dargona1018 Ballista Bolt Thrower

    Meh, I've done it about 13 times before. :rollseyes:
  2. upload_2015-8-21_20-35-20.png
    why isnt he muted for spam yet
  3. TheDirtySwine

    TheDirtySwine Bison Rider Staff Alumni Donator

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  4. Potatobird

    Potatobird Bison Rider Forum Moderator Mapping Moderator Tester Official Server Admin

    he gets muted all the time
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  5. kedram

    kedram Drill Rusher Tester

    Arcrave cant be muted :3
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  6. heX_

    heX_ Shark Slayer

    [01:50:41] <[BoW] Shenoa> ra is there away
    [01:50:53] <[BoW] Shenoa> to destroy bedrock?
    [01:51:45] <[BoW] Shenoa> no way to destroy bedrock?
    [01:51:48] <[BoW] Shenoa> even with admin haxs?
    [01:52:06] <[MaD] heX> shen, it takes about 100 swings from pickaxe
    [01:52:14] <[BoW] Shenoa> ur lyin hex
    [01:52:22] <FIST! Perfect Math Class> how would you know shen?
    [01:52:24] <FIST! Perfect Math Class> did you try?
    [01:52:30] <[MaD] heX> ok whatever dont believe me
    [01:52:38] <[MaD] heX> i try to educate noobs and this is the thanks i get
    [01:52:49] <[BoW] Shenoa> FINE
    [01:52:58] <[BoW] Shenoa> if it doesn't work i'm bannin u

    [01:54:24] <[BoW] Shenoa> IT ISN'T WORKIN HEX

  7. AmestriStephen

    AmestriStephen Bison Rider Forum Moderator Staff Alumni Tester

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  8. Shen2

    Shen2 Drill Rusher

    You lying bully I TRUSTED YOU :QQ::QQ::bird::rekt:
  9. kedram

    kedram Drill Rusher Tester

    back in early beta, when the game was still private, there was a bug with ladders that allowed you to remove any block, even bedrock.
  10. SirDangalang

    SirDangalang Lvl. 128 MissingNo. Donator

    Sick beat though:up::B)::down:
  11. kittycity

    kittycity Ballista Bolt Thrower

    Meanwhile on red team... screen-15-08-30-21-53-20.png
  12. EhRa

    EhRa Ooooooof Staff Alumni Donator
    1. KRPG

    I feel accomplished not dying once and getting a 1k score as a CQC archer (ik 10 kills for an archer isn't that good but its hard when your vsing a team of pratically 90% plus knights (forgot to screenshot the blue team)) Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 6.37.24 pm.png

    Never seen specs get a kill in a kill feed.... Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 7.06.14 pm.png
    Wait.... Wahhh -_-
    Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 6.19.28 pm.png
  13. upload_2015-9-7_19-29-55.png
    did not know
  14. Horse_That_Goes_Ni

    Horse_That_Goes_Ni Your favorite Persian Staff Alumni Donator

    It's a funny story because last time I played kag I still had my name as "GeorgeRekington" with the [USA] clan tag. (Friends and I were playing against kangaroos aussies blah blah blah you get where I'm going) It had been awhile since I played kag ever since school started, but I finally played again today.

    As time progressed, my army of true muricans and I showed the red terrorists who's daddy.
    tbt when George Bush was asking for the rustling of jimmies [​IMG]

    As the battle between the blue muricans and red scrub terrorists was nearing its end, it seemed as it was indeed, a victory for the muricans.
    They don't call him George Rekington for no reason.

    On a more serious note, what happened 14 years ago was really tragic, and affected many people's lives.

    It was really awesome playing kag with you all again after such a long time. I just thought about making this post when I saw myself join with the "George Rekington" name on. I hope you guys and girls all have a peaceful, lovely day. Or rest of the day depending on where the hell you lovely people all live.
    Never forget.
  15. toothgrinderx

    toothgrinderx Horde Gibber Staff Alumni Tester

    [​IMG] leukemia
  16. PeggleFrank

    PeggleFrank Base Burner

    London Bridge...


    ...is falling down...


    ...falling down, falling down...


    ...London Bridge is falling down...


    ...my fair lady.
  17. toothgrinderx

    toothgrinderx Horde Gibber Staff Alumni Tester

    so happy you screenied that lol

    >i'm a knight with bombs and a mission
    >make way across battlefield killing knaves along the way
    >detonate the last few support points of huge structure whilst fending off many men
    >those left alive die from falling hell
    >remain unscathed
    >get on top enemies tattered ex-flag base
    >light a keg unchallenged whilst a builder merrily strolls home with the flag
    >forget to emote so it doesn't count
    >mission failed

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  18. Furai

    Furai THD Team THD Team Administrator

    Guys, please put your pictures in spoilers or upload the photos to forum and insert thumbnails....
  19. upload_2015-9-12_14-30-26.png Their emoting blocked it a bit, but these 3 derps were trying to climb the wall with an obsolete tactic.

    Also, @Furai, what if the image is a small one, such as the one in here?
  20. FuzzyBlueBaron

    FuzzyBlueBaron Warm, Caring, Benign, Good and Kind Philanthrope Global Moderator Forum Moderator Donator Tester
    1. The Young Blood Collective - [YB]

    That's probably fine; but for anything larger...