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Ye Olde Pubb (Last/Previous match general)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by saniblues, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. mcrifel

    mcrifel Bison Rider Staff Alumni Tester
    1. MIST

    So thats why you keep having these long ridiculous names, also best way for high k/d is to go on tth, make a high tower with bomb factories ontop then spam bombs, so many kills and no deaths.
  2. Coroz

    Coroz B R B Donator Tester Official Server Admin
    1. [AG#] - Ancient Gear

    every time i see someone trying to get highest kdr i focus on that person :D
  3. epsilon

    epsilon Assonist THD Team Forum Moderator Donator Tester
    1. Gather Oceania
    2. KAG World Cup 2018

    I always want to try this but it makes me nervous and I become a huge target. Maybe you should start a thread to see if anyone can beat that ::):
  4. ShnitzelKiller

    ShnitzelKiller Haxor

    That feel when a griefer is relentlessly collapsing your shit the entire game, and three votekicks in a row fail

    It's X74 by the way (username). I've gone through the ridiculously cumbersome process of collecting evidence before to no avail, so I'll just leave it at that, hope he gets bored eventually, though it must be fun walking all over the lenient KAG community.

    Guy on enemy team after X74 leveled our flag base> gg
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  5. Fuzzle

    Fuzzle Grand Grumbler

    iirc even my own team tried to kill me as I got towards the 200.
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  6. 8x

    8x Elimination Et Choix Traduisant la Realité Forum Moderator Tester Official Server Admin
    1. The Young Blood Collective - [YB]

    I recall correctly that game: you had that stunning near 200 k/d, you were going to put a saw under a teleporter, you tried to put it throwing it through a trapblock and it killed you, then you left hu3hu3hu3.
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  7. jimmyzoudcba

    jimmyzoudcba Bison Rider Tester

    Album: KAG
    Name: Played a game a few hours ago (feat. @akrim, @Psiklaw )
    Dat Akrim was high
    But Psik was higher
    He changed his name
    To something tryhard
    Akrim on drugs
    Given by Gobbo
    He switched to archer
    And was better than his knight
    Psik was also there
    And I was talking to him
    But I did not know that
    And I greifed himself
    Then I realized
    Wow it was Psiklaw
    So I wrote "fml" twice,
    It's time to logout
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  8. sangfroid

    sangfroid What is your raison d'ĂȘtre? Forum Moderator Staff Alumni Tester

    Having fun with all the classes lately - Just played a game where I pushed to mid of map with teammates and secured it with a tunnel while playing builder. Then proceeded to destroy enemy front line and traps with ballista. Switched to knight and was able to collapse the tower on top of their flag room (this is the map where flag is suspended in midair). Finally, with flag room only a couple of blocks thick, switched to archer and blew open flag room with a strong push already going on. Right before the builder was able to patch up the hole I was able to hit him with a water arrow leaving a knight (I think it was @Neo to grab the flag and escape). He got caught between more knights on the ground though and wasn't able to make it out, unfortunately. Without any arrows left I went and YOLO'd in with grapple speed and managed to grab the flag literally in between two knights with a third standing a bit further in front. Was able to immediately grapple back out with speed and managed to secure the win. Super satisfying game except I really wish I had caught the flag grab on video because the chances of getting back out alive were extremely slim haha.
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  9. jimmyzoudcba

    jimmyzoudcba Bison Rider Tester

    Nice moves Sang. Good for you to swtich classes XD

    ------------LATER THAT DECADE--------------

    When @Abominas gets his face handed to him by his "friends"
    come and @ as many people that know abnominas as you can. He will walk down in hisotry as a man of shame.
    @Eluded @Cyanad @Abominas

    Also if this gets enough attention I will post this as a seperate thread.
    @Lawrence_Shagsworth can I? plz ;-; ;D
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  10. Eluded

    Eluded Bison Rider Official Server Admin

    Well... this was an interesting TDM...

    (There is some pretty choice language here... mods delete if you think it's too much)

    [07:32:18] <MIST Joan of Arc> sry i'm no nazi
    [07:32:23] <(Wildaxe) Nikita Khr> darn
    [07:32:25] <(PokecraftDB) Fidel> tBE MY HITLAR
    [07:32:41] <(Wildaxe) Nikita Khr> for 100$?
    [07:33:18] <(Wildaxe) Nikita Khr> RAPE US
    [07:33:24] <MIST Joan of Arc> u sure?
    [07:33:28] <MIST Joan of Arc> cause i will :P
    [07:33:32] <(Wildaxe) Nikita Khr> PLZ
    [07:33:34] <(PokecraftDB) Fidel> certain
    [07:33:44] <(Wildaxe) Nikita Khr> MY ASS IS REDY
    [07:34:16] <(Wildaxe) Nikita Khr> PLZ
    [07:34:31] <(Wildaxe) Nikita Khr> FUCK ME DADDY
    [07:34:51] <(Wildaxe) Nikita Khr> YES
    [07:37:04] <(Wildaxe) Nikita Khr> PUT ONE OF YOUR BOMBS IN MY ASS
    [07:37:06] <(PokecraftDB) Fidel> HOLD ME LIKE YOU HOLD YOUR BOMBS
    [07:37:08] <MIST Joan of Arc> ok
    [07:37:13] <(Wildaxe) Nikita Khr> YE
    [07:37:21] <MIST Joan of Arc> u want one too?
    [07:37:22] <(PokecraftDB) Fidel> TOUCH ME TILL I EXPLODE
    [07:37:46] <(Wildaxe) Nikita Khr> MORE
    [07:39:15] <(Wildaxe) Nikita Khr> FIST ME
    [07:39:24] <(Wildaxe) Nikita Khr> WE ARE JEWS BE OUR HITLAR
    [07:39:48] <(Wildaxe) Nikita Khr> BE OUR HITAL
    [07:39:53] <(PokecraftDB) Fidel> HOLD ME LIKE BOMBS, TILL I EXPLODE
    [07:40:09] <(Wildaxe) Nikita Khr> PUT A BOMB IN ME
    [07:40:30] <(PokecraftDB) Fidel> EXPLODE IN ME

    Later on Josef Stalin joined
    [07:42:27] <turd burgl (Simon) Josef Stalin> brothers its me
    [07:42:38] <turd burgl (Simon) Josef Stalin> the king of the high jewish council
    [07:42:38] <(PokecraftDB) Fidel> WELCUM BACK
    [07:42:38] <MIST Joan of Arc> hey stalin
    [07:42:40] <(Wildaxe) Nikita Khr> jew hie cousle
    [07:42:57] <turd burgl (Simon) Josef Stalin> i am king o
    [07:43:03] <turd burgl (Simon) Josef Stalin> jewish councl
    [07:43:08] <MIST Joan of Arc> stalin
    [07:43:10] <MIST Joan of Arc> why are you a girl
    [07:43:15] <turd burgl (Simon) Josef Stalin> idk
    [07:43:25] <(Wildaxe) Nikita Khr> FIST ME
    [07:43:27] <turd burgl (Simon) Josef Stalin> i thought i would look better
    [07:43:31] <(PokecraftDB) Fidel> CUZ HE WANTS YOU TO FIST HIM
    [07:43:42] <MIST Joan of Arc> do all girls want u to fist them?
    [07:43:43] <(Wildaxe) Nikita Khr> OMG FIST ME ALREDY
    [07:43:49] <turd burgl (Simon) Josef Stalin> no
    [07:43:54] <(PokecraftDB) Fidel> YES
    [07:44:17] <turd burgl (Simon) Josef Stalin> will you be our hittler
    [07:44:26] <turd burgl (Simon) Josef Stalin> thank you for understanding history
    [07:44:30] <(Wildaxe) Nikita Khr> * BE MY HITLAR TEI ME TO THE BED *
    [07:44:35] <(PokecraftDB) Fidel> IF THERE IS ONEIF THERE IS 1 THING IVE LEARNED
    [07:44:42] <(Wildaxe) Nikita Khr> BE MY HITLAR TIE ME TO THE BEAD
    [07:44:46] <(PokecraftDB) Fidel> IT IS THAT ALL GRILS WANT TO BE FISTED
    [07:44:56] <MIST Joan of Arc> even your mum?
    [07:45:12] <(PokecraftDB) Fidel> ESPECIALY ME MUM
    [07:45:23] <(Wildaxe) Nikita Khr> THATS HOW I STARED
    [07:45:26] <turd burgl (Simon) Josef Stalin> even grandmum
    [07:45:38] <(Wildaxe) Nikita Khr> MY AUNT
    [07:45:47] <(PokecraftDB) Fidel> ALL GIRLS
    [07:46:02] <turd burgl (Simon) Josef Stalin> even the german president
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  11. toffie0

    toffie0 is sweeter than you <3 Global Moderator Forum Moderator Tester

    Major's 4th Birthday was today. Just had the birthday party:


  12. Cruxiat

    Cruxiat Ballista Bolt Thrower Tester
    1. Gather Oceania
    2. KAG World Cup 2018

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  13. epsilon

    epsilon Assonist THD Team Forum Moderator Donator Tester
    1. Gather Oceania
    2. KAG World Cup 2018

    For a second there I thought the pixel art said "GDAY Ath MAJOR" and was worried Atheon left TOXIC. I should've read the caption before looking at the images. 25252525
    I remember when I was there for your 3rd birthday. Happy 4th!
  14. mcrifel

    mcrifel Bison Rider Staff Alumni Tester
    1. MIST

    How you know you have arrived on the MIST server:

    When half of the team is mining dirt


    or when there are just way too many archer shops


    @SirDangalang and @Lugia_101
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  15. Coroz

    Coroz B R B Donator Tester Official Server Admin
    1. [AG#] - Ancient Gear

    that archer heaven:r_flex::bow::flex:
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  16. ShnitzelKiller

    ShnitzelKiller Haxor

    Some more building antics
    A bow and arrow shaped archer station:

    Another retarded shop design:
  17. epsilon

    epsilon Assonist THD Team Forum Moderator Donator Tester
    1. Gather Oceania
    2. KAG World Cup 2018

    This just occurred while playing on an EU server (I'm Aussie).
    [23:40:58] Wladdan connected as Addm
    [23:41:01] Addm (Wladdan) has joined Blue Team
    // I kill him once or twice with 333 ping
    [23:42:32] <Addm> WOW
    [23:42:35] <Addm> nice hacks bro
    [23:42:38] <Addm> fucking epsilon
    [23:42:43] <Addm> maybe fix your net
    [23:42:52] <TOXIC epsilon> maybe im just aussie
    [23:43:05] <Addm> DUDE
    [23:43:08] <Addm> LEAVE THE UCKING GAME
    [23:43:18] <Addm> 333 fucking ping
    [23:43:31] <TOXIC epsilon> i just told u im aussie
    [23:43:34] <TOXIC epsilon> lol
    [23:43:49] <Addm> yeah yo uare autisti
    [23:44:10] <TOXIC epsilon> do you know what aussie means?
    [23:44:31] <Addm> fucking laggers
    [23:44:38] <Addm> sorry I dont live in jungle
    [23:44:44] <Addm> fix your net australian ape
    [23:44:46] <Addm> or go to your server
    [23:45:14] <TOXIC epsilon> "fix your net"
    [23:45:16] <TOXIC epsilon> lmao
    [23:45:26] <TOXIC epsilon> ok ill fix my net to get 33 ping all the way from aus
    [23:45:41] <TOXIC epsilon> sure thing mate
    [23:45:48] <Addm> then fuck off to australion server
    [23:45:50] <Addm> or go watch tennis
    [23:45:53] <Addm> its australian open
    [23:45:54] <Addm> faggot
    [23:46:09] <TOXIC epsilon> :D
    [23:46:23] <TOXIC epsilon> can someone kick Addm for abusive threats?
    [23:46:43] <STORM Peasant> ^
    [23:46:53] <TOXIC epsilon> * Peasant: could you? *
    [23:47:25] <Addm> fix your net first
    [23:48:56] <Addm> dude
    [23:49:00] <Addm> everyone is fucking algging
    // After getting into enemy base, lighting 2 kegs and wreaking havoc.
    [23:50:31] <TOXIC epsilon> LOOOLOLOLOLOL
    [23:50:34] <TOXIC epsilon> SO FUCKING REKT
    [23:50:38] tommybeer left the game
    [23:50:41] fiddy left the game
    [23:50:43] tig_mmp left the game
    [23:50:45] Blue Team's flag has been captured by NuclearDragon!
    [23:50:45] * Teams are way imbalanced due to players leaving...
    [23:50:48] <TOXIC epsilon> BLUE RQ
    [23:50:53] LiTTli left the game
    [23:50:53] <Addm> fix your net kid
    [23:50:57] <Addm> fucking australian ape
    [23:51:06] Acoustic_Samurai left the game
    [23:51:07] <TOXIC epsilon> lolol
    [23:51:09] <TOXIC epsilon> u so mad
    [23:51:16] Scorpioshca_ left the game
    [23:51:19] METALPickle left the game
    [23:51:19] <Addm> not mad
    [23:51:21] NuclearDragon left the game
    [23:51:22] <Addm> you are just idiot
    [23:51:23] <TOXIC epsilon> gg
    [23:51:27] <STORM Peasant> haha i am sorry our government hasnt got anything good
    [23:51:28] Sukachev left the game
    [23:51:42] <Addm> government
    [23:51:43] <Addm> wtf
    [23:51:53] <TOXIC epsilon> * Peasant: where r u from? *
    [23:51:57] <Addm> you make no sense kid
    [23:52:09] <Addm> oh I am not playing this shit map
    [23:52:10] <STORM Peasant> the great city of Melbourne!
    [23:52:12] <Addm> with an idiot in this game
    [23:52:15] <Addm> lagging like faggot
    [23:52:21] <Addm> and thinking he is good himself
    [23:52:44] <Addm> like "wow look I am retard with 333 ping and I pwn non-laggy players"
    [23:52:48] <TOXIC epsilon> i only said that stuff coz i actually raped your team last round
    [23:52:50] <Addm> fucking ape go to your jungle servers
    [23:52:58] <Addm> your ping raped us
    [23:53:02] <Addm> you actually suck a dick
    [23:53:09] <STORM Peasant> haha i know haha
    [23:53:12] <Addm> and you know you are playing on EU and you still are unsportsmanlike
    [23:53:13] * Teams are way imbalanced due to players leaving...
    [23:53:14] <Addm> and cant admit
    [23:53:17] <Addm> that yo uare retarded
    [23:53:19] <Addm> abusing the ping
    [23:53:41] <Addm> bcs EU is best
    [23:53:42] <TOXIC epsilon> "abusing the ping"
    [23:53:44] <STORM Peasant> you try playing with a ping like mine, then youll see who has the disadvantage
    [23:54:07] <TOXIC epsilon> srsly ping is a disadvantage
    [23:54:09] <Addm> then DONT FUCKING PLAY ON EU SERVERS
    [23:54:12] <Addm> fucking imigrants
    [23:54:14] <TOXIC epsilon> i need to predict and slash a second earlier
    [23:54:29] <STORM Peasant> i dont have the skill to do that, so i die a lot
    [23:54:31] <TOXIC epsilon> im mainly on here just to practise for mlk3
    [23:54:52] <Addm> thats why yo uare abusing the fucking ping
    [23:54:56] <Addm> becaus you are predicting
    [23:55:02] <Addm> I usally just use my skills
    [23:55:08] <Addm> but I must use predictions against you too
    [23:55:11] <TOXIC epsilon> your logic doesnt seem right
    [23:55:11] <Addm> fucking laggy ape
    [23:55:13] <STORM Peasant> shh adam
    [23:55:18] <Addm> MINE ?
    [23:55:24] <Addm> mine logic doesnt seem right ? :DDDDDDDD
    [23:55:24] <TOXIC epsilon> his only insult is "fucking ape"
    [23:55:28] <Addm> ok you just made my day
    [23:55:37] <TOXIC epsilon> im glad
    // I throw a bomb at him from a distance as he is swimming away as builder
    [23:56:12] <Addm> hm
    [23:56:13] <Addm> nice lag
    [23:56:29] <TOXIC epsilon> throwing a bomb doesnt involve ping
    [23:56:35] <Addm> me being the admin you would never visit this server
    [23:56:57] <Addm> enjoy playing here alone xD
    [23:57:03] <Addm> jungle ape australian
    [23:57:05] <Addm> with no friends
    [23:57:06] Wladdan left the game
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  18. Cohen

    Cohen Ballista Bolt Thrower Staff Alumni Tester

    Ehhh, I've played with him multiple times and he is always like this. Especially to better players than him.
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  19. epsilon

    epsilon Assonist THD Team Forum Moderator Donator Tester
    1. Gather Oceania
    2. KAG World Cup 2018

    I find this sort of stuff hilarious rather than offensive 25252525
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  20. BarsukEughen555

    BarsukEughen555 Ballista Bolt Thrower

    fucking aus apes though
    noone even knows where australia is located on maps