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Ye Olde Pubb (Last/Previous match general)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by saniblues, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. Eluded

    Eluded Bison Rider Official Server Admin

    Ah Addm logs? I've definitely got a few of those for bedtime reading

    [02:06:38] <Addm> dude
    [02:06:38] <Darktko> hey
    [02:06:40] <Darktko> osmo
    [02:06:43] <Darktko> no sitting on me
    [02:06:44] <Addm> are you having some mental issues ?
    [02:06:46] <Addm> like
    [02:06:46] <Addm> dude
    [02:06:50] <Addm> you need a doctor
    [02:07:04] <Darktko> addm who are u talking about?a
    [02:07:05] <Addm> Its 3:00 in the mornging
    [02:07:08] <[NI] osmo> last arrows
    [02:07:11] <Addm> and you are all like with that coffein
    [02:07:16] <Addm> fucking joan
    [02:07:18] <Addm> retarded moron
    [02:07:34] <Addm> you have probably nothing else to do
    [02:07:39] <MIST Joan of Arc> 0.0
    [02:07:42] <Addm> just bombjump into our base and ruin staff
    [02:07:44] <Darktko> addm just play the game
    [02:07:46] <Addm> your life must be fun
    [02:07:56] <Addm> so much fun
    [02:07:59] <Addm> fucking retard
    [02:08:01] <Addm> without friends
    [02:08:04] <MIST Joan of Arc> rofl
    [02:08:09] <Darktko> ow
    [02:08:38] <Darktko> addm just because people are better than u doesnt mean they dont have friends lol
    [02:08:52] <Addm> better ?
    [02:08:59] <Addm> its fucking 3:00 in morning
    [02:09:09] <Darktko> then u go to sleep
    [02:09:12] <Addm> I have big rings under my eyes
    [02:09:16] <Addm> I am half a sleep
    [02:09:19] <Addm> and he is tryharding here
    [02:09:24] <Addm> like life depends on it
    [02:09:25] <MIST Joan of Arc> why do you think i'm tryharding
    [02:09:25] <Darktko> then be a sleep
    [02:09:26] <MIST Joan of Arc> really
    [02:09:30] WieBabbu connected as @aek.gov
    [02:09:31] <Addm> I am just chilling
    [02:09:31] @aek.gov (WieBabbu) has joined Blue Team
    [02:09:34] <Addm> and it pisses me off
    [02:09:37] <Addm> how he is tryharding me
    [02:09:37] <MIST Joan of Arc> i'm just chilling too dude
    [02:09:42] <Addm> against me half a sleep
    [02:09:45] <Addm> yeah chilling
    [02:09:54] Blue Team's flag has been picked up by BEARxGRYLLS!
    [02:09:54] <Addm> I will buy keg and bombjump into your base too
    [02:10:05] Blue Team's flag has been returned!
    [02:10:05] <Addm> lets see whos "chilling" more
    [02:10:12] <Addm> fucking douchebag
    [02:10:18] <MIST Joan of Arc> * osmo: this guy *
    [02:10:26] <@aek.gov> i tu9
    [02:10:26] <Addm> trying to impress someone joan ?

    [00:57:41] <Addm> 4Fps
    [00:57:44] <Addm> jesus christ
    [00:57:55] <[NI] ZERD BOYFRIEND> wow
    [00:58:07] <Addm> 4-6 fps
    [00:58:49] <biquett Psiklaw> retarded team?
    [00:58:52] <Mazey 2.0 Mazey 2.0> Addm nobody cares anymore
    [00:59:03] <Addm> damn
    [00:59:06] <[NI] Akrim> why are you always so salty mazey
    [00:59:07] <Mazey 2.0 Mazey 2.0> literally only you have an issue and you keep crying about it
    [00:59:09] <Addm> you are savage dude
    [00:59:18] <Addm> where do you get this salty
    [00:59:29] <Mazey 2.0 Mazey 2.0> do you know what salty means
    [00:59:30] <[NI] Akrim> do you live in sea by any chancE? :3
    [00:59:32] <biquett Psiklaw> bitches
    [00:59:32] <[NI] ZERD BOYFRIEND> ks
    [00:59:34] <biquett Psiklaw> all these bitches
    [00:59:34] <Addm> you do care lol
    [00:59:42] <Addm> I guess you are UK
    [00:59:45] <Mazey 2.0 Mazey 2.0> nope
    [00:59:54] <Mazey 2.0 Mazey 2.0> UK people are always fucking mad and toxic
    [00:59:55] <MIST Lugia> maybe someone is tryharding from red
    [00:59:57] <MIST Lugia> a builder
    [01:00:01] <Addm> because the salt around your country comes into one place
    [01:00:07] <Addm> int oyour brain
    [01:00:13] <Addm> I just said 4-6 fps and you are toxic af
    [01:00:13] <[NI] ZERD BOYFRIEND> akrim
    [01:00:17] <[NI] ZERD BOYFRIEND> buy me water arrow pls
    [01:00:18] <Addm> like damn
    [01:00:21] <[NI] Akrim> ok
    [01:00:23] <[NI] ZERD BOYFRIEND> buy me zerd
    [01:00:24] <Addm> take a chil pill fucking UK boi
    [01:00:26] <[NI] ZERD BOYFRIEND> i am your lover
    [01:00:27] <Mazey 2.0 Mazey 2.0> youre toxic all you do in KAG is complain about fps
    [01:00:27] <Addm> you are admin
    [01:00:29] <MIST Lugia> i CAN CLEARLY FEEL THE TRYHARD
    [01:00:32] <Addm> and you act like a kiddo
    [01:00:33] <Mazey 2.0 Mazey 2.0> go fix it instead
    [01:00:33] <MIST Lugia> ITS NEAR OUR BASE
    [01:00:34] <[NI] ZERD BOYFRIEND> I AM SO CHEAP
    [01:00:37] <[NI] Akrim> gooooooobooooo come
    [01:00:40] <Addm> I JUST SAID "4-6 fps"
    [01:00:45] <[NI] ZERD BOYFRIEND> ritk psi
    [01:00:46] <Addm> you are the only one toxic
    [01:00:47] <Addm> lol
    [01:00:47] <snake master> need builders\
    [01:00:49] <[NI] ZERD BOYFRIEND> hoter than your mixtape
    [01:00:51] <Addm> toxic admin boi
    [01:00:59] <biquett Psiklaw> kight shop
    [01:01:29] <Addm> you have some serious issues
    [01:01:32] <Addm> go take some air dude
    [01:01:46] <Addm> you probably dont know what sarcasm is

    [15:48:43] Addm (Wladdan) has joined Red Team
    [15:53:36] <Addm> wow
    [15:53:38] <Addm> fucking gay
    [15:53:56] <Addm> DAMN
    [15:53:57] <Addm> YOU ARE SO GOO
    [15:53:59] <Addm> BLUE
    [15:54:00] <Addm> FUCKING PLEBS
    [15:54:30] <Addm> WOW
    [15:54:32] <Addm> YOU ARE SO GOOD
    [15:54:34] <Addm> FUCKING RETARD
    [15:54:38] <Addm> fucking hwell played
    [15:54:41] <Addm> piece of gay
    [15:55:16] <Addm> useless blue knights haha
    [15:55:29] <Addm> fucking cunts
    [15:56:56] <Addm> blue sux

    [00:50:30] <Addm> jesus
    [00:50:31] <Addm> again
    [00:51:57] <Addm> dude
    [00:52:01] <Addm> can someone kick joan ?
    [00:52:08] <Addm> can someone call for an admin ?
    [00:53:13] <Addm> wtf
    [00:53:34] <Addm> wtf this is US server ?
    [00:53:46] <Addm> oh wow
    [00:54:33] <Addm> DUDE WHAT THE FUCK
    [00:54:38] <Addm> THIS GAME IS FUCKING SHIT
    [00:54:40] <Addm> LIT SHIT
    [00:54:52] <Addm> shit coming out of my ahole
    [00:54:54] <Addm> this game is
    [00:55:27] <Addm> when someone has 100+ ping they are killing me
    [00:55:34] <Addm> when I have 100+ ping I am being killed still
    [00:55:39] <Addm> like wtf
    [00:55:43] <Addm> I slash first but still
    [00:56:04] <Addm> YEAH DUDE
    [00:56:05] <Addm> THIS GAME
    [00:56:07] <Addm> SUX
    [00:56:15] <Addm> it determines
    [00:56:21] <Addm> he is fucking 2 blocks away
    [00:56:30] <Addm> but he kills me with sword while he is holding shield
    [00:56:33] <Addm> like this game is crap
    [00:57:31] <Addm> dude lik wtf
    [00:57:32] <Addm> WTF
    [00:57:33] <Addm> WTF
    [00:57:35] <Addm> IS THIS TRASH GAME
    [00:57:44] <Addm> in all other games you know that someone is lagging
    [00:57:47] <Addm> but here
    [00:57:58] <Addm> everything is fine but then he teleprots 3 blocks to me and kills me
    [00:58:02] <Addm> THIS GAME IS FUCKING TRASH
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  2. mcrifel

    mcrifel Bison Rider Staff Alumni Tester
    1. MIST

    Now I can finally get to sleep, oh Addm <3
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  3. Coroz

    Coroz B R B Donator Tester Official Server Admin
    1. [AG#] - Ancient Gear

    Australian ape?

    Attached Files:

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  4. toffie0

    toffie0 is sweeter than you <3 Global Moderator Forum Moderator Tester

    Welcome to the habitat of the Australian apes, the jungle!

  5. epsilon

    epsilon Assonist THD Team Forum Moderator Donator Tester
    1. Gather Oceania
    2. KAG World Cup 2018

    The best jungle if ever I've seen one!
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  6. mcrifel

    mcrifel Bison Rider Staff Alumni Tester
    1. MIST

    this is what we do on the mlk server when there are no clan wars happening:


    A map where the flags are at the bottom of the map and you have to dig hundreds of blocks down to get to them with all kinds of things in your way like mines and buggery dungeons!

    One of the top captains matches to date.
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  7. Cruxiat

    Cruxiat Ballista Bolt Thrower Tester
    1. Gather Oceania
    2. KAG World Cup 2018

    if anyone was wondering about the base we used to beat MIST here you go:

    best base au.PNG
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  8. Cohen

    Cohen Ballista Bolt Thrower Staff Alumni Tester

  9. epsilon

    epsilon Assonist THD Team Forum Moderator Donator Tester
    1. Gather Oceania
    2. KAG World Cup 2018

  10. platy1knight

    platy1knight Bison Rider Tester

    Got praised for being good at playing the bucket , so my people built me a temple and a giant sign
    EDIT: fuckton of logs:
    [20:58:42] <Quailz> my followers go to the east
    [20:58:43] <Boris> WE WILL GET YOU
    [20:58:45] <Quailz> we shall build a temple
    [20:58:54] <Legion Mr.KoT> its sanbox :0
    [20:58:56] <C.U.N.T HARDCORE Lenny> dat team work
    [20:58:58] <l.ilya04> back guys
    [20:58:59] <Quailz> a theatre*
    [21:02:02] <C.U.N.T HARDCORE Lenny> behold your true meaning!
    [21:02:17] <Quailz> afk
    [21:02:24] Bobmixbobster connected as esljrios10
    [21:02:27] esljrios10 (Bobmixbobster) has joined Survivor
    [21:02:50] <C.U.N.T HARDCORE Lenny> god's afk cocoon
    [21:03:00] Failedwhistle5 connected
    [21:03:09] Failedwhistle5 has joined Survivor
    [21:03:13] <C.U.N.T HARDCORE Lenny> we must make religion great again
    [00:30:39] <UNITY iisageii> graivty fgravity falls music btw
    [00:30:42] <UNITY iisageii> do minecraft
    [00:31:46] <JJGregg> qualiz
    [00:32:04] <Quailz> stop it noov
    [00:32:15] <JJGregg> qualiz do you bot or do you play it urself?
    [00:32:20] <Quailz> lmao
    [00:32:22] <Quailz> my slef
    [00:32:23] <kpone4> QUICKLY GET IN ITS SAFE HERE
    [00:32:35] <JJGregg> how do you do it?
    [00:32:36] <lord and king potato> placing traps evry were
    [00:32:40] <UNITY iisageii> wet hawawwaw hes a gid
    [00:32:44] <UNITY iisageii> hes a god
    [00:32:46] <JJGregg> for other there are notes missing
    [00:32:51] <UNITY iisageii> GET AWAY
    [00:33:09] <kpone4> ummmmmmmmmmmmm
    [00:33:11] <Presas Des malei1> moster
    [00:33:27] <UNITY iisageii> sir'wdw
    [00:33:30] <UNITY iisageii> add me n steam sir
    [00:33:32] <UNITY iisageii> plz
    [00:33:36] <UNITY iisageii> i relly want to learn
    [00:33:40] <JJGregg> qualiz what do key shifts do?
    [00:35:43] <UNITY iisageii> WE ARE NUMBER 1
    [00:35:44] <UNITY iisageii> :D
    [00:35:49] <Presas Des malei1> i gona rape you
    [00:36:03] JJGregg left the game
    [00:36:05] Paulwhoisaghost left the game
    [00:36:11] <UNITY iisageii> sorry
    [00:36:16] <nolanthekid> Kk
    [00:36:28] <kpone4> brb
    [00:36:37] <UNITY iisageii> yu know how to play anything els
    [00:36:41] JJGregg connected
    [00:36:48] JJGregg has joined Survivor
    [00:36:54] <UNITY iisageii> ohhhhh snap
    [00:36:59] <UNITY iisageii> this man is trutly a god
    [00:37:05] <UNITY iisageii> DAN DAN DAN DAN
    [00:37:08] <UNITY iisageii> WTF
    [21:12:08] <Candy esljrios10> How do you learn those
    [21:12:09] <Muckle Flugga> Oh I didnt know it was a rule
    [21:12:12] <Muckle Flugga> sorry
    [21:12:13] <Muckle Flugga> xD
    [21:12:14] <C.U.N.T HARDCORE Lenny> wow
    [21:12:21] <C.U.N.T HARDCORE Lenny> you really missed it?
    [21:12:24] <Quailz> i play moosic irl
    [21:12:29] <Muckle Flugga> can you fix the doors
    [21:12:30] <Muckle Flugga> plz
    [21:12:33] <Candy esljrios10> Oh nice
    [21:12:36] <C.U.N.T HARDCORE Lenny> it was riterally given to you right into your face
    [21:12:53] <Muckle Flugga> Oh I didnt read it
    [21:12:54] <Candy esljrios10> !!!!
    [21:12:55] <Candy esljrios10> YES
    [21:12:58] <Muckle Flugga> it was different yesterday
    [21:13:00] <Candy esljrios10> Gravity FALLS
    [21:13:01] <Candy esljrios10> Gravity FALLS
    [21:13:01] <Candy esljrios10> Gravity FALLS
    [21:13:02] <Candy esljrios10> Gravity FALLS
    [21:13:03] <Quailz> ye
    [21:13:03] <Candy esljrios10> YES
    [21:13:05] <l.ilya04> I@
    [21:13:07] <l.ilya04> oh
    [21:13:09] <Muckle Flugga> LOL
    [21:13:13] <Candy esljrios10> YOU ARE THE BESY
    [21:13:15] <Candy esljrios10> BEST
    [21:13:30] <ZiomKS> you filthy peasant
    [21:13:36] <l.ilya04> its our gpd
    [21:13:39] <l.ilya04> god
    [21:13:40] <l.ilya04> *
    My best one is :
    [21:02:02] <C.U.N.T HARDCORE Lenny> behold your true meaning!
    [21:02:17] <Quailz> afk
    (seals self with blocks)
    [21:02:50] <C.U.N.T HARDCORE Lenny> god's afk cocoon
    (goes back to game)
    [21:04:53] <C.U.N.T HARDCORE Lenny> the cocoon is hatching
    And :
    (plays we are number one)
    [20:55:24] <C.U.N.T HARDCORE Lenny> we are number one
    [20:55:29] <Boris> hell goddamn fucking yes
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2017
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  11. an_obamanation

    an_obamanation The boss Donator

    Wow, today a person who said they were from Iraq and currently lived in Jordan on kag didn't get any discrimination and didn't get any insults. People expressed that it was cool seeing someone from the middle east playing kag because that's a rare sight but not a single person screamed at him or did anything racist. Was quite heartwarming.
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  12. Blue_Tiger

    Blue_Tiger Bison Rider Tester

    Do you live in a racist household or what? Seems very normal to me.
  13. JaytleBee

    JaytleBee Ballista Bolt Thrower
    1. [Server] Sandbox Reborn

    I don't think I've ever seen any actual discrimination in KAG. People will joke a lot (it's what we do) but I wouldn't deem a tongue-in-cheek calling someone a terrorist racist.
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  14. platy1knight

    platy1knight Bison Rider Tester

    Last time I said where I was from I started a flamewar , which at the end cooled down.
  15. ParaLogia

    ParaLogia tired Administrator Global Moderator Forum Moderator Tester Official Server Admin

    Deleted some posts for going too far off-topic.
  16. Cohen

    Cohen Ballista Bolt Thrower Staff Alumni Tester

    Yesterday I was on Eluded TDM with Fiddy, Ntourage, Joan and Mr. Whales doing some 1v1s.

    Suddenly a mysterious person named ----- has joined the game.
    [23:33:49] ----- has joined Red Team
    [23:33:49] ----- connected

    He communicated using punctuation marks only.
    [00:18:06] <MIST deynarde> ----- want to 1v1?
    [00:18:11] <-----> -

    We had a long discussion about identity of the mysterious knight.
    [23:45:10] <Fiddy> ---- plays exactly like i would
    [23:45:15] <Fiddy> i think eluded created a super bot
    [23:45:23] <Fiddy> with me as origin
    [23:45:33] <Fiddy> only better
    [23:55:58] <Fiddy> yo
    [23:56:00] <Fiddy> its franek
    [23:56:11] <Fiddy> 100%
    [23:56:16] <Fiddy> see
    [23:56:18] <Fiddy> hes panicing
    [23:56:21] <Fiddy> its franek
    [23:56:35] <MIST deynarde> the biggest conspiracy of kag
    [23:56:38] <Fiddy> or wait
    [23:56:46] <Fiddy> do franek usually beat you like this
    [23:57:19] <MIST deynarde> nope
    [23:57:29] <Fiddy> WHO ARE YOU
    [00:00:17] <MIST deynarde> its either alter acc or some random guy from discord
    [00:00:46] <Fiddy> ofc its alter acc a good kag player doesnt just randomly appear
    [00:36:25] <Fiddy> * i dont think ---- are even allowed in names *
    [00:36:28] <Fiddy> * what if *
    [00:36:29] <Fiddy> * just *
    [00:36:31] <Fiddy> * stay with me *
    [00:36:44] <Fiddy> * im thinking about a certain blonde princess *
    [00:36:56] <Fiddy> * who can do whatever he wants in this game *
    [00:37:02] <Fiddy> * including using illegal names
    [00:37:22] <MIST deynarde> * geti is aus *
    [00:37:27] <MIST deynarde> * mm is eu *
    [00:37:31] <Fiddy> * rly *

    Fiddy has learned his language immediately.
    [00:40:17] <Fiddy> * ---- wanna duel after them? *
    [00:40:30] <-----> * -----* *
    [00:40:34] <-----> * - *
    [00:40:42] <Fiddy> * ---- *
    [00:40:50] <Fiddy> * ------- --- ------ -- ----- *
    [00:40:53] <-----> * ---- =/= ----- *
    [00:41:06] <-----> * <- ----- *
    [00:41:17] <-----> * 5=/=4 *
    [00:41:17] <Fiddy> * --- ------------ -- ---- ------- --! *

    ----- was a fierce warrior and managed to win most of his 1v1s
    [00:32:02] <MIST Joan of Arc> lol
    [00:32:04] <MIST Joan of Arc> fml

    It was a really interesting encounter.

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Feb 13, 2017
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  17. epsilon

    epsilon Assonist THD Team Forum Moderator Donator Tester
    1. Gather Oceania
    2. KAG World Cup 2018

    Wow it wasn't just his nickname, it was his username too!
    Apparently he registered in August 2013 which is strange since it seems like you haven't seen him around at all (https://api.kag2d.com/player/-----/status)
  18. Cohen

    Cohen Ballista Bolt Thrower Staff Alumni Tester

    Yes, I had never seen him before. Also there is a forum account by the name of ----, but registration time is different.
    KAG creepypasta.

    And he knew the server password.
  19. epsilon

    epsilon Assonist THD Team Forum Moderator Donator Tester
    1. Gather Oceania
    2. KAG World Cup 2018

    He might've checked out the forums first, figured it was a good game and bought it later? The fact that he beat you in most of his 1v1s is what confuses me if he hasn't been on in ages.
  20. Cohen

    Cohen Ballista Bolt Thrower Staff Alumni Tester

    I've won my 1v1 :B):, he beat all of the other players. The most probable theory is an alter account.

    I love this part.
    [00:40:17] <Fiddy> * ---- wanna duel after them? *
    [00:40:30] <-----> * -----* *
    [00:40:34] <-----> * - *
    [00:40:42] <Fiddy> * ---- *
    [00:40:50] <Fiddy> * ------- --- ------ -- ----- *
    [00:40:53] <-----> * ---- =/= ----- *
    [00:41:06] <-----> * <- ----- *
    [00:41:17] <-----> * 5=/=4 *
    [00:41:17] <Fiddy> * --- ------------ -- ---- ------- --! *
    Fiddy is calling him ----
    [00:40:17] <Fiddy> * ---- wanna duel after them? *
    He responds that it's ----- not ----
    [00:40:30] <-----> * -----* *
    And later that ---- is not -----, because there are 5 characters in the second name.
    [00:40:53] <-----> * ---- =/= ----- *
    [00:41:06] <-----> * <- ----- *
    [00:41:17] <-----> * 5=/=4 *
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2017
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