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Zombie Fortress Mode 1.071

A Zombie Fortress remake

  1. Eanmig

    Eanmig Shark Slayer

    Eanmig submitted a new resource:

    Zombie Fortress Mode - A Zombie Fortress remake

    Read more about this resource...
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  2. qpKillerqp

    qpKillerqp Bison Rider

    Tried it,this is what the console of the server shows
    [18:29:21] Failed to load map cycle file Rules/Zombies_v1/mapcycle.cfg
    [18:29:21] File not found
    [18:29:21] Unknown map file extension
    [18:29:21] Generating map from seed 155351; size 32768 bytes
    [18:29:22] Checking is server modded...
    [18:29:31] OnPlayerRequestSpawn ~! rules not loaded
  3. kaizokuroof

    kaizokuroof Agkubuk|'Kaizokuroof' Cilobakil, Roofpointy Global Moderator Forum Moderator Donator Tester
    1. PumpkinStars - [Pk#] - Inactive

    I noticed the Zombies have a few bugs, such as them being able to hit through/over shields easily and when shield surfing/bashing them, they are launched into the sky.

    Bugs aside, Great remake, I'll be putting one of these up for Australia shortly, thanks for the mod!

    EDIT: Got some screenshots of the gametype:

    z1.png z2.png z3.png z4.png

    Our record:


    Attached Files:

    • z5.png
      File size:
      160.6 KB
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2013
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  4. wsensor

    wsensor Shark Slayer

    This is a great mod. It would be nice if we could make a few more things. (I love the saw blade thing but hate the rpg.)
    It would be nice if there was something we had to gather to get new tech and stuff. That saw is so great T_T.

    Would it be possible to make wood spikes/gold spikes later on? Or just let spikes be put on gold blocks?

    Only problems I ever see is sometimes the maps get shreaded by players who just dig non stop and sacrifice all the room they had instead of building defenses. I mean a lone tower in the middle of the map with nothing under it is nice and all but the fact that zombies can't reach it and the people inside usually afk or log off is sort of sad. The spawn zone on each side of the map always gets shredded by players and half the time this means no one at all can ever get a chance to spawn as they fall to death either by going splat or by becoming zombie chow as the people alive in the middle just ignore it all away as they are usually the cause in the first place this can't really be fixed as that just how people seem to want to play. Its basically griefing but without people kicking them nothing happens. Also Catapults and whatever the arrow bolt thing is are worthless here all they do is destroy the map or your precious base.
  5. Jlordo

    Jlordo Nobody Donator

    lol. You beat master to it. Great mod!
  6. wsensor

    wsensor Shark Slayer

    Aww the server died T_T.
  7. Zeus

    Zeus Builder Stabber Donator

    I've got it running on my server, but the world .png doesn't appear to be loading. The entire landscape is black. Any ideas? I followed the steps exactly.
  8. kaizokuroof

    kaizokuroof Agkubuk|'Kaizokuroof' Cilobakil, Roofpointy Global Moderator Forum Moderator Donator Tester
    1. PumpkinStars - [Pk#] - Inactive

    Try fully reinstalling your version of KAG, there is no problems with the mod, works fine for me straight out of the box.

    @Eanmig , is there anyway to load a PNG for this gametype? I've tried messing with the map loaders myself, but with no luck.

    Console output of server loading map:

    [14:48:46] Loaded team 0 'Blue Team'
    [14:48:46] Adding map to cycle 'Maps/test.png'
    [14:48:46] ############ GAMEMODE Zombies_v1
    [14:48:46] Adding map to cycle 'Maps/test.png'
    [14:48:46] Loading ../Mods/Zombies_v1/Scripts/MapLoaders/LoadPNGMap.as
    [14:48:46] LOADING PNG MAP Maps/test.png
    [14:48:50] Sending script: builderinventory
    [14:48:50] Sending script: commonbuilderblocks
    [14:48:50] Sending script: runnerdeath
    [14:48:50] Sending script: building
    [14:48:50] Sending script: defaultbuilding
    [14:48:50] Sending script: megasaw
    [14:48:50] Sending script: blade
    [14:48:50] Sending script: nursery
    [14:48:50] Sending script: rocketlauncher
    [14:48:50] Sending script: rpg
    [14:48:50] Sending script: saw
    [14:48:50] Sending script: trader2
    [14:48:50] Sending script: zombieportal
    [14:48:50] Sending script: scrollcarnage
    [14:48:50] Sending script: scrollofmidas
    [14:48:50] Sending script: scrolltaming
    [14:48:50] Sending script: greg
    [14:48:50] Sending script: gregcritter
    [14:48:50] Sending script: zombiebrain
    [14:48:50] Sending script: skelcritter
    [14:48:50] Sending script: skeleton
    [14:48:50] Sending script: skycritter
    [14:48:50] Sending script: wraith
    [14:48:50] Sending script: zombie
    [14:48:50] Sending script: zombiecritter
    [14:48:50] Sending script: landcritter
    [14:48:50] Sending script: zombieknight
    [14:48:50] Sending script: goldstructurehit
    [14:48:50] Sending script: goldbrick
    [14:48:50] Sending script: spikes
    [14:48:50] Sending script: trapblock
    [14:48:50] Sending script: triangle
    [14:48:50] Sending script: votecommon
    [14:48:50] Sending script: votecore
    [14:48:50] Sending script: zombies_interface
    [14:48:50] Sending script: zombies_rules
    [14:48:50] Sending script: zombies_technology
    [14:48:50] Sending script: defaultgui
    [14:48:50] Sending script: defaultloaders
    [14:48:50] Sending script: defaultstart
    [14:48:50] Sending script: basepngloader
    [14:48:50] Sending script: customblocks
    [14:48:50] We don't have this file how come? generatefromkaggen
    [14:48:50] Sending script: loadpngmap
    [14:48:52] Checking is server modded...
    [14:48:52] Using custom files
    [14:48:52] **** This is a modded server; it will be filtered in the browser for
    players with 'modded servers' unchecked ****
    [14:48:52] Restarting rules script: ../Mods/Zombies_v1/Rules/Zombies_v1/Scripts/
    [14:48:56] NO PLAYERS - SERVER PAUSED (to change this behaviour set /sv_canpause
    I've included zombies_Technology.as in BasePNGloader.as


    Is there any way to make it load PNG files and if so, how do? If not, is there any future plans on adding this feature?
  9. Eanmig

    Eanmig Shark Slayer

    Eanmig updated Zombie Fortress Mode with a new update entry:

    New configuration and bug fixes

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  10. Eanmig

    Eanmig Shark Slayer

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  11. etran9e

    etran9e Catapult Fodder

    I'm Asian so your servers are a little bit laggy to play.
    I wanted to make my dedi server with this mod.
    I downloded mod file and followed "to intall" guide but I failed.

    I put lines "sv_gamemode = ../../Mods/Zombies_v1.05/Rules/Zombies_v1.05 " in autoconfig.cfg
    "#zombies_v1.05" in mods.cfg.
    But it didn't work.
    (Sorry. I don't know how to use mods exactly. I read threads but it was of no use...)

    How can I play this mod? ;_;
  12. qpKillerqp

    qpKillerqp Bison Rider

    Did you place test.cfg in the maps folder?
  13. etran9e

    etran9e Catapult Fodder

    I did. I followed guide quite well.
    But I was confused because there aren't specific explain about editing cfg files.
    I read 'How to mod' thread but that thread was also a little bit 'concise.' ;_;
  14. kaizokuroof

    kaizokuroof Agkubuk|'Kaizokuroof' Cilobakil, Roofpointy Global Moderator Forum Moderator Donator Tester
    1. PumpkinStars - [Pk#] - Inactive

    This is the problem.
    You have the hashtag "#" symbol, which denotes a comment, so KAG doesn't actually find the files needed. You need to remove the hash and if you've configured everything else correctly, you should be good to go.
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  15. etran9e

    etran9e Catapult Fodder

    OMG... It works.. It works!!!!!!

    I love you! <3 <3 <3
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  16. Helix_

    Helix_ Catapult Fodder

    Having the same problem, sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt, Tried reinstalling didnt fix.
  17. kaizokuroof

    kaizokuroof Agkubuk|'Kaizokuroof' Cilobakil, Roofpointy Global Moderator Forum Moderator Donator Tester
    1. PumpkinStars - [Pk#] - Inactive

    I've had this problem, usually is because the PNG map is huge, how big is the dimensions? I'd recommend sticking to 200x200 - It may also because your mapcycle isn't working correctly, make sure you copy the maps into KAG/Base/Maps/ or point the mapcycle to the correct location of the png.
  18. trax1m

    trax1m Catapult Fodder

    i get stuck on the loading map screen -.-

    i get in putty this

    OnPlayerRequestSpawn ~! rules not loaded

    can anybody help?
  19. zexdude

    zexdude Catapult Fodder

    Unfortunately I'm having a similar issue hosting this mod. fresh install follow instructions get errors about unable to delete dictionary and cannot find gamemode config file. rather annoying...

    Here's the log.

    Any and all help will be appreciated.

    Attached Files:

  20. silelmot

    silelmot Catapult Fodder

    great mod and installation wasnt that hard.
    after playing a while with a friend i have 2 questions now:

    is it possible to turn flying zombies off?
    or at least lower there damage`?