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Superkeg 1.0.0

A New Overpowered Keg

  1. Blubahub

    Knights Are Interitus not included... :skeleton:

    This mod adds a new overpowered keg (does not replace the original item), made merely to acknowledge the fact that kegs are underpowered (at least in most cases). Like seriously, putting it next to stone will only break a few layers of stone, while the explosion goes right through... :huh?:

    But, to make it fair, the fuse is much longer. This item is heavier then most, so thank me later for the extended timer. The keg still explodes in a plus ("+"). Also, just like with the original keg, only the Knight class can use it (to make other Knight-like classes use it, go in KnightLogic.as in this mod, and on line 70 add this.push("names to activate", "superkeg"); after this.push("names to activate", "keg"); in your Class's Logic.as). ::):

    Currently, the only way to spawn it is with commands (sv_test on) and typing !superkeg (does not spawn lit). Lastly, I made the keg sprite, and feel free to use any part of this mod in you're mods..! :wink:

    You're welcome, griefers! :rekt:
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