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[WiP]TV Shows Characters Head Textures 15-01-2018

Character heads from different TV shows (50 heads? 60? I don't know how to count...)

  1. VaderCraftGamer
    Users Allowed to use specific heads from this pack:
    Charlie - Rick Sanchez
    (Not sure what the full username is, please comment and I'll edit it to say your full in-game username.

    This thread contains spoilers from certain tv shows, in the form of character descriptions in the update logs (mostly characters that are not often seen), or just character heads in general you might have not seen if you haven't been up to date with one of the tv shows I am inspired to make heads from. I don't take responsibility if you have spoilers of characters I make heads of from the tv shows I am inspired by to make these heads.

    Sorry for mostly focusing on Adventure Time for this pack, but Adventure Time was my childhood show, and I followed it from the start and will to the very end, so I hope you can understand that is the reason why I do mostly Adventure Time. It also has a wide variety of characters, which is a small part of why I also do mostly Adventure Time Heads.

    If you want to read the original thread with a list of characters added/will be added the link is: https://forum.thd.vg/threads/wip-tv-show-characters-head-textures.27268/

    Preview of Heads
    Download the file called Base_TV_Heads and inside it are multiple files inside each other, keep digging to find Heads and then copy paste it into your Sprites game files, if you don't know where your Sprites game files are, I will explain it now.

    The easiest method is to access the Base_TV_Heads.zip file and to go into it and copy the Entities folder, then paste it into the Base folder of KAG. Keep in mind this will overwrite the current Heads.png for your KAG game, so you might wanna back up the original Heads.png into a separate file on your desktop and then replace the Heads.png for the game with the custom ones.

    This applies for pretty much any custom textures or sounds in KAG you want to replace the original with, just in case you ever want to get back the original files.

    If you want to get deeper and learn the KAG files better so you can understand them well you could go into the Downloads> Base_TV_Heads.zip file and copy the Heads.png folder found deep in the folders.

    To actually use it, you would access the files (in a different folder) This PC> Local Disk(C:)> Program Files(x86)> Steam> steamapps> common> King Arthur's Gold> Base> Entities> Characters> Sprites
    and paste it in Sprites folder, make sure the file is named Heads and make sure you replace the original/previous update heads.

    Note: For some people, the Steam game files are not found in Program Files (x86), but is found in Program Files, I have very little knowledge why it is so but I think it has to do with 32bit and 64bit computer differences...

    ATTENTION:(I need to enter a new date every time I update, so if the download button doesn't update, use this method instead.) Scroll down to the updates and then click on the most recent one. There will be an image in the update and if you right click the image you click the option Save image as. Only do this if you haven't noticed a difference after having updated using the download button.

    Updates down below have info on what has been updated!
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