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History of KAG - 2011

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bunnie, Jun 24, 2017.


Which build(s) would you want to play once?

  1. 22-24

  2. 32

  3. 40-51

  4. 80

  5. 90

  6. 123-158

  7. 190-228

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. bunnie

    bunnie Haxor Tester

    Most of people who currently play kag probably didn't ever play Classic. In this post i'd like to show and tell people how KAG looked in 2011, what was different etc.

    Build 22 was the first public build released.
    The menu screen.
    Choosing a team.
    Interesting stuff starts here. Builder - There was no block menu. You swapped blocks by pressing F.
    There were 4 blocks:
    Stone Block
    Stone Backwall
    When you chose a block, you could see in the left corner how many of that block you couid build. The dark blue and brown are stone and wood materials - that's how the gui originally looked.

    You can see that there were only 9 emoticon bubbles. You had to hold the number key for the bubble to show; when you stopped, the bubble disappeared. You can see that the map was different - you could even see if someone used an emote on it.
    As you can see, gravity didn't exist for blocks. There was no fall damage too. You couldn't place blocks on ladders: first you had to make stone backwalls. Also, doors costed both stone and wood.
    Gold sack. Originally, the goal of the game was to get as much gold as possible. You could put gold in sacks at the tent.
    Time for some knight information! There weren't jabs. You could only slash, and it was much faster than it is now. Slashes could destroy ladders and doors - stone blocks and backwalls too! They didn't do damage to natural blocks, like dirt; however, you could slash trees. You could basically shield in 2 directions: up and ahead of you. You couldn't shield down. Gliding didn't exist too.
    Archers' ability was to shoot on left click and make arrows from trees on right click (pictured).
    Archers were also the only class which could move their camera around. Arrows were much slower and didn't fall as fast; also you couldn't climb them. In this build archers can't climb trees too.
    Chat bubbles.
    Hitboxes were smaller; you could go through holes like that without any problems.
    Some people miss infinite sky bridges.
    One of the first maps. A small stone structure with team doors, gold, stone, trees. Also an underground tunnel. And ladders. Also, pretty sure that even at this point people were already moaning that the map is unfair ;)

    You could change your nickname in the settings - there weren't accounts at this point.
    Build 24 was the next build. First thing is that it triggered my antivirus (had to turn it off). Also when i launched it, it was fullscreen on default.
    There are hearts visible now. Every class has two. Also, archers can't move their camera around anymore :(.
    Knights and Archers can now dig dirt. Also arrows are faster.
    There's also a nice line at the end of readme.txt.
    "happiness is when u know it will end, but u r ok with that"
    Build 32 was the next build I could find.

    Game broke the first time i launched it. Bomb explosion pictured.
    After restart. Now every class can move their camera around. Knights start with 3 bombs. When you press F, you light one up. When you stop pressing it, you throw the bomb. Bombs damage blocks, but apparently they don't do anything to the player who used the bomb. Also you can now vote to restart the map.
    Everyone loves bombs.

    Fun stuff from readme.txt:


    Made by King Arthur 2011
    devlog: http://kagdev.tumblr.com

    Graphics by Max "Geti" Cahill
    website: http://www.1bardesign.com/"
    Whoa. MM apparently was King Arthur 2011.
    Build 40 is the next build! It asks for you to restart kag because autoupdate when you launch it. To bypass this, you need to make a .bat file and put "KAG.exe noautoupdate in" in it (thanks @AsuMagic)
    New emotes, yay. Also, the hearts are bigger.
    You now die when you hold bomb in hand (when it's not in your hand it still doesn't do anything to you). You can also push corpses now. (The legends about killing people by dropping corpses on them now make sense...)
    Building a catapult. It costs lots of wood.
    It's ready and now you can fire rocks! Sadly not humans yet :(
    New title screen!
    Knight cursor and Builder's mining cursor.
    New resource icons.

    Knight also has 1 heart more.
    Other than that, nothing interesting
    New placing icon for builder. Also, you can now see player names above people.
    New archer cursor.
    Also, you can now place stuff on stone backwalls.
    And you drop a heart on death randomly.

    Other than that, nothing interesting.
    Gold now looks like the gold we have today.
    You can now shield down!

    Also, apparently the changelogs say there's bedrock. It really is in the files, however I didn't find it on any of the maps.
    Build 80 is the next build I got. According to the changelog there were a few builds in between. Unfortunately I didn't find any downloads to them. There is shitton of stuff in the changelog.
    Lots of new stuff as you can see. Blocks now require support. You can collapse structures (video from THD here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37O5ysbQXjo). Also, spikes.
    New builder menu.
    Team bridges - they're solid and only teammates can walk on it. For now they're very much like current trap blocks. Also, you can build gold blocks. The little flag thingy is an OUTPOST - you build it like a catapult. You need to touch it to spawn on it (works like the current ballista - without shooting of course). Unfortunately I couldn't build it for some reason, but there's a screenshot on the blog: [​IMG]
    You can capture outposts :)
    A pic taken from https://forum.thd.vg/threads/ye-olde-pubb-last-previous-match-general.504/ - now the default gamemode is capture the flag!
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ap0U754m94o Donating now exists - video from thd. You could unlock a map editor in the menu. Actual map editing shown at around 1 minute.
    Also, there's votekicking too!
    Image from blog - shows how team bridges work.
    I know why I couldn't build the outpost! Now there's warmup time - there's a red barrier between teams for 2,5 min. You can't build catapults or outposts during that time.
    Unfortunately I couldn't find a download anywhere. However, there's plenty of stuff on the blog again!

    First major thing is that accounts are finally added! Now they're mandatory to play the game.
    You can now place blocks in air (they obviously fall)
    Block repairing.
    You can now climb on someone's shield.
    Knock knock, it's teamwork - now you can climb on archers' arrows!

    New knight combat. Now jabs and slashes exist. Quick jab - 1 heart, slash - 2 heart. No double slashes yet.

    Timelapse of a Build 90 game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73ky-DS8ge8 Found it in an old thread.
    Huge graphics update! Yay!
    There's a background (can be changed in settings), trees have better sprites now, also every class has new sprites :D
    A sad builder trapped, waiting for enemies to kill him.
    Fall damage now exists.
    From blog:
    "This release also marks the dawn of Gold Servers – people with a gold account can start playing on the gold servers."
    "We’re also pleased to announce the inclusion of in-game moderators."
    "Challenges! These started out as tutorials and serve as such. So you can train movement and Knight combat in a little singleplayer mode (movement challenge map, credits go to Vig). Please bare in mind that these are not finished so forgive us if they don’t work fully."
    Gold servers for premiums, royal guards and challenges (basically tutorials - unfortunately I couldn't start the tutoria lfor some reason)
    One of the challenge maps. As you can see, now you use different colours to make maps
    Not sure what's this map for, but looks great
    Nothing major, bug fixes.
    Apparently there was a glitch which allowed for infinite outposts, also people still found ways for infinite skybridges.
    Also, there's a gameplay video on the official THD channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5xakGLn2yI
    Didn't find a download, however there's some stuff on the blog.
    HUD update!
    Also, "Team bridge works like a 2way platform: press down to drop from it, press up to jump through it". Doesn't work like the current trapblocks anymore :)
    Planning a bot game.
    Red bots disappeared. Also waiting to get launched from cata...
    Team banners!

    Unfortunately still no gliding as knight and climbing trees an archr yet. Though you can destroy spikes with your sword :P
    – fixed crash after too many objects
    – ladders and castle background need support when building horizontally
    – bombs just damage dirt blocks instead of destroying
    From blog. Nothing major.
    Nothing major again; a new server browser.
    Nothing major again. Royal Guards can now freeze rulebreakers and there's a building tutorial
    screenshot from blog
    Biggest update yet!
    Premium poster!

    Coins exist. You get coins by building, mining and fighting. You can buy fun stuff with coins in workshop.
    Quarters and bomb shop.
    Arrow shop. Also shows an almost finished quarter shop
    More emoticons, yay.
    Knock knock, it's gliding.
    And tree climbing.
    And taunts! Your mother was a hamster!
    Bot plebs don't know how to make arrows.

    Archers now have 3 types of shots: slow, normal and charged.
    Knights can't destroy stone blocks anymore. rip.
    Builders have 3 hearts and can now fight knights

    also you can put shit into catapults. but not corpses yet :(.

    Also there are UNITS in ctf (respawning a limited amount of time)!

    New GUI example.
    Can you bomb jump yet?
    Yes you can!

    Also you can double slash if your first slash hits somebody.
    New scoreboard.
    You drop coins on death
    Customization update!
    You can now swap genders. Also, there are new heads for premium players :D
    Also some knight combat changes, taken from blog:

    Two colliding hits will now bounce off each other!
    Getting hurt interrupts charging (this applies to archers too)
    Jab no longer stuns but does push away (this applies to builder hits too)
    If two knights jab or slash at each other they clash!
    Nothing major. More knight combat balancing, also:
    You can now see roles next to player on the scoreboard :)
    Nothing major. Some balance and small changes.
    There's a launcher now!
    Logging in screen
    Main menu

    So yeah. That's it. Build 22 was released in May, build 228 on 2nd December.
    Hope you enjoyed :smug: if you liked the thread I may make a part two - history of kag: 2012.

    I also recommend going through the whole blog - https://thd.vg/blog/ - you can learn a lot about history of kag from there. Also, this kag "behind the scenes" book: https://kag2d.com/_kag/assets/kag2d-artbook.pdf

    And now, two questions:

    2011 oldfags: Which build did you join in?
    Everyone: Which build would you want to play once?
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  2. bunnie

    bunnie Haxor Tester

    Tutorial poster.
    Maps from a build 24 game in progress.

    End game concept (in the first few builds the point was to collect as much gold as possible, but there was no actual end to the game):
    My biggest design challenge right now is how to end the game. As you know the point of the game is to collect more gold than the opposing team, but there is no limit were the game actually ends. This is because it is a waste to suddenly end the map and restart it. All the stuff people built will vanish.

    There are several possibilities I have in mind (feel free to add yours):

    vote restart – the map is only restarted after enough people vote to play a clean map

    team swap – map is not restarted, but after a certain limit is reached red and blue are swapped

    after the gold limit is reached the losing team gets a new tent on the opposite side
    Let me explain that last one. The map wouldn’t actually be restarted. The winning team would stay in its castle. But the losing team would lose their whole base. All of their structures would come to the winning side (doors would be replaced automatically). The losers now move onto the opposite side and start on a fresh ground.

    Now what happens if the losers on second round win? They return back to their original base? No, because returning to old castles is boring. They win everything and the new losers respawn again on their opposite side. And so on and so on…

    The biggest problem with this is that I’ll have to recode how the maps are done to allow infinite maps. Right now they have fixed size.

    What do you think?
    HUD concept art
    CTF game mode concept art
    Customization concept
    Realistic proportion builder concept

    Rock pots, stockpile concept:
    We’re currently thinking of implementing some new interactive stuff – stockpiles and rock pots. Both of these will likely be making an appearance in the next major build.

    Stockpiles will allow teams to set up supply routes from the mines to the front line without having to run it there themselves. Workers (any anyone with some looted resources) will be able to drop off resources at a stockpile, which through the magic of videogames will be available at any other team stockpile. The catch is that if a stockpile is destroyed by the enemy, then a proportion of your stored resources will be lost along with it.

    Rock pots should make defending doors less traumatic. Dumping rocks on the enemy’s heads will have the same effect as firing a catapult at them.
    Hey guys, figured I’d run something by you with a picture to boot that I think would help cut down on griefing – a server lobby.

    We’ve all been a part of a game where someone logs in, bombs an outpost and leaves, or starts cutting up the castle, or something equally unscrupulous.

    I figure a server lobby and the ability to lock teams and prevent people joining mid-game would prevent those sort of frustrating events because you’d know who you were going to play with before jumping into the game.

    The server lobby would also serve as a configuration GUI for some of the more pressing options – Game rules, which map file or generator to use, whether teams are locked in-game, whether players can join mid-game, whether to only allow registered users, whether to only allow paid users, the minimum reputation to allow users to join, etc. Server admins could elect moderators to change some of these settings in their absence.

    I think preserving the ability to have a fluid base of players would be important to some people so note that there’d be the ability to turn off all the additional options and even the lobby itself – ESPECIALLY TEAM LOCK AND JOIN BLOCKING.

    So, KAG players, what’re your thoughts? This may or may not happen but we’re interested in what you think of this possibility.
    Also, siege and carryign stuff:
    From "99% chance these will come to the game"
    We think something like this will make building catapults, rock pots, stockpiles, halls, workshops and outposts (as well as anything else that gets added) a lot simpler and more intuitive than the current tile based system. It also means we can make catapults cost some stone to make as well

    We’ll likely use the little resource bubbles for interaction too, so you can click a bubble to fill up the catapult stone by stone (or later, item by item -> bomberpults) rather than using E for everything and loosing all your stone.

    What do you guys think? I’m more or less set on this idea (it frees up more space in world.png for me to go nuts with the environments :D) but I’d like to hear your thoughts on potential improvements or flaws.

    From: https://thd.vg/building-ideas/

    I got asked about this on the forums recently and decided I’d have a short ramble here as a break from a coding assignment.

    Note that nothing here is final and we’re still playing around with feature ideas and a roadmap, but it seems some of you have different ideas about where KAG’s going than we do.

    In the short term, we want to get the basic, free version of KAG together and more or less finalised. That means:
    Some more structures (Rock pots, stockpiles, hall buildings, bomb and siege workshops)

    Bug Fixes everywhere oh god so many bugs.

    Making the HUD more presentable.

    GUI overhaul + Server lobby.

    Bison + Normal cows.

    Game modes: WAR, CTF, INF (as in soldat), TDM (first team to x kills wins), BLD (creative only servers, inf resources). ZOMBIES if halloween falls within that time period.


    Maybe farming

    Maybe customisation
    At that point, free KAG will be “done”. We’ll update it from time to time but that’ll be the point where we start working on a more in-depth game. As it is, KAG is fairly simple. We’ll make it as easy to get “into” as we can, with tutorials and maybe a button to turn on a more advanced HUD showing up later with all the complicated bits turned off.

    Gold servers will exist throughout so you can still play safe from the stingy griefers out there :).

    Once we’ve done that, with the assumption that free KAG will be played as a demo, paid KAG will get a lot more content. It won’t get too much more complicated (we still like the idea of simple, fun elements put together into something with emergent complexity, rather than elements that are complex in their own right) but there’ll be more stuff to do and a wider set of roles (which may or may not mean more classes). We’ll worry less about making the game idiot-proof as well.

    We’re keen to explore:

    Mechanisms. I love the idea of hooking up a pressure plate to spike traps, or pulling a lever to open doors. Conveyor belts and lever-activated-crossbows and manually detonated explosives and water towers!

    Non-vanishing dirt (ie digging out dirt makes a pile of dirt that you have to deal with) for more realistic mining logistics.

    Moving castles/siege towers.

    Fluids in general (can you say Island Fort? Water tower? Magma-Dam?)

    Bots to give the boring tasks to. (Don’t feel like mining? Pay Urist to do it for you!)

    Population based play (ie permadeath per-unit)

    Unit progression and upgrades

    Religious buildings (area of effect buffs and nerfs eg. Shrine to Epona = all nearby team units get a speed boost)

    Flora and Fauna – being able to get food from picking fruit and hunting bison is a start, but fireflies, cave monsters and stinging plants could be fun too.

    …This list is getting long. Suffice to say we’ve got more than enough ideas for now and a long road ahead :).
    As for large scale direction, we’re aiming for a sort of fortress mode being the main way to play KAG, with elements of dwarf fortress in there but designed to be much more accessible than ASCII only and from a side-scrolling perspective.

    In other words, at the moment we’re thinking Free KAG = Demo, Paid KAG = Dream game. We’ll be actively encouraging people to play the free game because that’s where new players are most likely to go, and for those wondering we will almost certainly allow paid users to access free to play servers from the paid program.

    So, that’s where we’re thinking of going. The list will likely be reordered and changed over time, but we want more fortress creation and proper warfare, and less spamming suicide bombers and knights digging with swords. Figured we may as well give you some insight into where we’re going.

    Sorry for the lack of accompanying art, I’m not at home at the moment so can’t draw.

    From: https://thd.vg/kags-direction/
    We figured we should shed some light on where we’re going with KAG. As such, hit the jump for a rough roadmap of where we want to go (it has pictures!)

    What is coming next?

    New game modes:
    Team Deathmatch
    – Quick, to the point combat without any extra objectives.

    Creative Mode
    – For all those Minecrafters out there that want to construct castles in a peaceful environment.

    Tutorial / Challenges
    – Mini games that allow you to practice your sword or archery skills by shooting at apples, trees, ducks or bison, as well as helping new players find their feet in-game.
    New constructions:
    Giant Boulder – did you watch Indiana Jones? You will be able to make a giant boulder to crush your foes

    Bomb Workshop – a castle room that allows the construction of bombs.

    Quarters – castle room used for spawning and healing.

    New contraption and room construction mechanics.
    Modifications to how the current castles function as well as Wooden buildings!
    More varied vegetation.
    New semi-procedural epic soundtrack by David Pencil (composer of Penny Arcade)

    GUI improvements including a better server browser
    Even more game modes!
    Each team has a small wooden castle consisting of a spawn point “hall” room on start. Over the course of the game teams construct forts and outposts and push forwards to raid each other’s constructions. If all of one team’s spawn points have been destroyed and all team’s players are killed the attacking team wins. NOTE: This game will represent a culmination of a lot of other work, as it’ll introduce RTS elements. Mainly rooms, a complex inventory system, and many more items.
    (can be played in single player mode) One survivor or team builds a fort for the upcoming Army of the Dead invasion. The goal is to survive as long as possible. Continually repair defenses and fight the undead!
    “Mongolian Horde”
    A spin on the survival mode where the attacking team has more advanced AI and uses the player classes. They’ll be able to find paths, dig, use archers and lay siege to your castle in a more articulate way.
    Now, let’s break down WAR mode because we feel that this is the most valuable part of paid KAG:
    Day/Night cycle
    – There will be time and a time limit in the game. It will be indicated by the change of lighting in the game. Battles at sun dawn or at night with full starry night are coming. This won’t be just a gimmick because fighting at night will add fog of war allowing for sneak attacks under cover.
    Siege Towers

    Siege Workshop
    – allow the construction of movable classic medieval siege machines, including Battering Ram, Canopy and Ballista!


    Upgrade Bomb Workshop to Demolition Workshop to build Powder Kegs for massive wall destruction!

    Items and Workshops
    – Construct chests which can store larger quantities of materials – Food: Roast Meat and Turnip, Bread, Boiled eggs, Cakes, Soups, Potions… – Create bowls for food & potion making, boulder, statue and a vases for ornamentation


    What you see on the picture above plus:

    Rabbits – fast; must be hunted down by archer

    Firefly – lights up dark caves
    Single-player challenges
    Custom maps and campaigns for offline play.
    Gold Servers Access – gold servers are servers that only allow premium players to play. This means more friendly, more cooperative and griefer free games.

    Avatar customization – heads, hats and haircuts! this will affect both in game appearance and potentially appearance in the chat presentation:
    Multiplayer Map Editor – that’s right. One of the very few in existence real-time, multiplayer map editors. This means you can edit maps in collaborative mode with friends.

    Honorable community membership – all premium players names are yellow and have a star next to their name on every server (free & premium) on the scoreboard

    Access to hidden section of Official KAG Forums

    SNES mode! – turn your hardware into an old NTSC TV and a Super Nintendo. Also with 8-bit sounds!
    Most importantly, you’ll be supporting independent game development and ensuring we get some return for our work, so you can sleep easy ;).
    From: https://thd.vg/premium-kag-and-the-future/
    This picture basically outlines 5 things we want to get done alongside the October event, some after, some before:
    Gendered players – not much difference between them, but being able to select Male or Female as part of your player customisations will help us be more inclusive as well as getting some variety onto the battlefield. After that we’ll include customisable heads – including hats helmets and haircuts for paid players.

    Workshops – Arrow and Bomb workshops pictured here, allowing construction of those items and potentially upgrades to them later on.

    Mechanisms – Spike and Arrow traps that you can attach to pressure plates and levers to allow forts to be more easily defended and to give builders a more interesting engineering task than 10-ply walls. These will be paid only.

    Wooden Buildings – A cheaper faster option than stone that will actually very likely be required before “upgrading” a tile to stone. A lot of work will have to go into balancing this, but I’m alright with that. We may add stone doors at the same time.

    Fire! – Bombs, fire arrows (and perhaps a few other things later on) will be able to set fire to wooden buildings. We’ve devised a way to make “putting out” flaming buildings possible without water that basically involves cutting out the flaming parts. Fire will give players a genuine reason to upgrade from wood to stone – fire hazards are a real concern you know ;).
    Not pictured:
    Coins – a system representing the work a player has done for the team, you’ll drop coins upon dying and gain them from building, killing enemies, capturing flags, and manufacturing items. You’ll be able to use them to buy items (including bombs and arrows) which will provide a much better self-balancing system than the current resupply on spawn.
    That means no more endless stream of suicide bombers!
    We’ve got more plans, but they’re not concrete so I’m not posting them. Feel free to ask questions in the comments – I’ll be watching this post over the weekend.

    From: https://thd.vg/features-coming/
    Before I get to cut into the juicy bits of this post, we’ve decided that there’s too much ambiguity and not enough oomph in the way we’ve been naming the two versions of KAG.

    We’ve decided that “KAG” and “KAG Premium” are misleading names for the free and paid versions respectively. “KAG” as the free version and “KAG Premium” as the paid version suggests that the free version includes most or all of the content and that the premium version holds a few extra goodies and gives buffs in game or something.

    As such, we’ve decided to dub the two versions “King Arthur’s Gold: Classic” and “King Arthur’s Gold” respectively. The classic game will preserve the older, faster paced and less polished roots of the game in the free to play package. This will serve as a demo for players who aren’t sure if they want to buy the game yet. The full version of the game will contain expansive game-mode changes, more classes, items, mechanisms, zombies, and eventually a fully dynamic adventure-cross-fortress-cross-teamplay gaming feast.

    For what it’s worth, “KAG classic” is nearing completion and will be feature-locked shortly. The full version of the game is unlikely to be finished for quite a while.


    We’ve made a fairly large decision about the direction we’d like to take the main full version game-mode in. If you’re an advocate of TDM or CTF or any other fast-paced mode of play then please bear with me, as we’ll still be supporting them. For those who want a longer, deeper play experience though (me me me me me) we’ve decided that we’d like to make each game into more of an adventure, with much more character attachment than players get in the current game.

    We’re going to do this by rolling out three things:

    An overworld – each team would set up a base on a randomly generated overworld map. Players could leave their fort to journey out into the world, fighting bands of raiders and wild animals, going spelunking in caves, and even penetrating undead kingdoms to slay necromancers. They could also naturally get a party of allies together to go and lay siege to the enemy’s tower, or form a band of raiders and mug passers-by for their sweet, sweet coins. Each feature of the map would be a “map” in the current sense of the game, with players leaving the map by walking off the edges and entering each map from the overworld by walking into it.

    Character and team progression. Characters will start the game as a peon with nothing and no-one, unless invited to join the game as part of a friend’s team. They’ll be able to join and leave teams, as well as creating and naming their own civilisation and gathering their own followers. Over time through adventuring, building and much slaughter of zombies and enemy knaves, players will accumulate items and resources enabling them to progress down a potentially deep and complex class tree, becoming a feared juggernaut or a noble lancer.

    Persistence and permadeath – A player’s character in a server will be persistent, meaning if you leave the game they’ll still be around, you’ll be able to come back the next day and adventure further. Conversely, if a character dies, all progress will be lost, all items dropped and all ties severed. This makes killing the king (or queen) of a nation a massive event as the whole hierarchy of that team would change, and the whole battle dynamic would be quite a lot more serious because of the massive penalty of death. Obviously we’ll be making higher “level” characters take many more hits to kill than they do in KAG currently to make retreat from a battle a viable option for those that don’t want to lose their characters. We fully understand how much anger permadeath would cause with the current quick and bloody battle system.

    I should note that permadeath will be a serverside variable -> not all servers will feature it, and a player with no currently active character would still be able to spectate the world, so you don’t miss the end of a war just because you died in it.

    You’ll also be able to make a new character if your old one dies (…though there might be a setting removing this option, a sort of “hardcore” mode) so that you can continue to participate.
    Here’s a rough concept of how the overworld might be presented:


    (yes those are cavalry units in the background)

    Obviously in-game it’ll be made of sprites and potentially mode7’d into submission for a nostalgia kick for anyone who’s played an old RPG. Something like this but 1024×768 and with a bunch of characters jogging around (this is a shot of Terrigama, copyright Enix 1995 for the SNES):

    These changes will make the default mode of KAG play vaguely like an RPG (though we’d like to think of it more as an action adventure). Hopefully also it encourages playing with people you know and team-play in general. Each server will build up its own history of events and hopefully some epic stories will spring up from each game.

    For those that aren’t keen at all, there’ll always be TDM and CTF for you ;).

    As a side note, this means we can have many, many more players per server without a stupidly high increase in bandwidth usage because the players in each map only need to know about the nearby players. Massive sieges with 64 units per side on one map would still lag as bad as ever, but considering not everyone playing a server would be playing at the same time (-> some characters would be sleeping) and players will usually be dispersed around the world, each additional player wouldn’t double the bandwidth consumed, which is a start.

    Whew, so that’s that. I’ve left out some of the finer points (including “BUT WAHT ABUT GREFIERS!!!1! D:

    Next release is slated for ~2 weeks from now, possibly earlier, possibly later. The featurelist is uncertain at this point, more info coming when we have it.

    From: https://thd.vg/adventures-overworlds-and-the-full-version/
    Minecraft art.
    Screenshot from the upcoming Zombie Survival gamemode
    --- Double Post Merged, Jun 24, 2017, Original Post Date: Jun 24, 2017 ---
    https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BzXRVswtSNcockhEcWU3U1JPdkU downloads to each build (some of them at least)
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  3. king-george

    king-george Haxor Staff Alumni Tester

    Would it be possible to play multiplayer on some of these old builds?
  4. Asu

    Asu THD Team THD Team Forum Moderator

    Yes. If bunnie wants I can set up his machine to host server for any build I have the Linux dedicated builds, else it most likely has to be hosted on someone's PC (at least it would be the easiest way).
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  5. asger75

    asger75 Haxor

    I started playing somewhere between 137 and 151 as free to play I'm pretty sure.
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  6. Asu

    Asu THD Team THD Team Forum Moderator

    Got my first account on January 2012, but I think I downloaded the game earlier, and tried it later. I might actually have downloaded a build in 2011.
    I recall I found about KAG in an advertisement in a french minecraft website.
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  7. Prototype

    Prototype Haxor

    129 :D
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  8. Inferdy

    Inferdy Arsonist

    I want gold hunt back.
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  9. Lava

    Lava Former Lag King Staff Alumni Donator Tester

    i started around 123 wew
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  10. 8x

    8x Elimination Et Choix Traduisant la Realité Forum Moderator Staff Alumni Tester
    1. The Young Blood Collective - [YB]

    I think I first played in June 2011 or something
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  11. enderzilla747

    enderzilla747 Bison Rider Tester

    I'd play so much Overworld you wouldn't believe.
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  12. Geti

    Geti Please avoid PMing me (poke a mod instead) THD Team Administrator Global Moderator

    Surprised there's not more ~151 fans in here haha; I guess most of those folks have moved on.
    Nice to see some of these builds for posterity. I can't stand playing a lot of them any more (so slow, such bad building, archers op etc) but I do miss the days before logins a bit :)

    To play MP you just need to direct connect, as these old builds used the original "master server", which is long dead :)
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  13. Verrazano

    Verrazano Flat Chested Haggy Old Souless Witchy Witch Witch THD Team Global Moderator Forum Moderator Tester
    1. Practitioners of War Extreme Revolution - POWER

    Joined build 190, that first game I joined was bewildering and amazing, I was hooked.
  14. Ranged66

    Ranged66 Bison Rider

    The memories...
  15. TwigWallder

    TwigWallder Base Burner

    Woa ...
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  16. tigorsun

    tigorsun Shopkeep Stealer